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Local Employment

upgrade section to highway

Brenton Binell and Lee Cook, both local Anangu who live in the Indulkana community, have started with Lucas Total Contract Solutions and have begun on the job training in traffic control.

Traffic control is one of the most important jobs on site.

Brenton and Lee ensure the safe passage of all private vehicles, contractor vehicles and heavy road building machinery. They also speak to the Anangu public, directing them to what side of the road to travel on and reminding them to obey the speed restrictions.

They have learnt very quickly and are doing an outstanding job keeping the site safe.

Work to upgrade the section of road from Indulkana to the Stuart Highway is now complete. Locals David Pearson, Kumana Andy and Robert Strangways were among the crew that installed the reinforced concrete pipes to extend the existing drainage prior to road construction.

Pukatja to Pukatja Airstrip Access Road

Sharon and Edith, two local Anangu women, employed as kitchen hands in one of the contractor's camps. They did an outstanding job learning to cook from written recipes provided to them by the kitchen cooks.

Indulkana Town Streets

David Pearson and Kumana Andy are two local Anangu who have been successful in gaining employment with Lucas TSC who are the contractor constructing the new town streets in Indulkana.

These two local Indulkana men have been employed in the roles of Traffic Management and have also been given opportunities by Lucas TSC to gain exposure in other areas of the work.

Both men recently undertook training in Workzone Traffic Management through the Remote Jobs and Communities Program in March of this year.

Two men working on a new road

Another photo of two men working on a new road

Man standing on the stairs of a large truck