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Community Engagement

Community engagement is a high priority during planning, design and construction of the project.

The project team is working with the APY Executive Board, Traditional Owners, Community groups and stakeholders in the Lands and will continue to engage on specific design and construction activities that will be seen throughout the project.

In delivering the project, we are mindful of:

  • keeping key stakeholders and communities informed of any work
  • addressing community issues quickly
  • managing interruptions to the road network
  • completing the project as safely and efficiently as possible

Direct liaison with the Community is a strong focus through Community meetings, dedicated on the ground project liaison, a free-call telephone enquiry line, project specific email address, regular audio and static displays and direct liaison with stakeholders and interest groups.

Regular updates will be provided online, along with advance notice of construction related activities for Community and road users. If you have any concerns or issues in relation to the project, please contact the project team at anytime throughout the project.

Community meetings are expected to be held at various stages of the project to provide updated information and allow members of the Community to meet the project team and find out more.

Regular media releases, print and radio advertisements, social media and a project website will also be used to keep the community informed of the project’s progress.