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Correct helmet fit explained


Check that there is enough room to place two fingers between the eyebrow and top of the helmet.

More than two finger spaces means that the helmet is sitting too far back and may not protect the forehead or face properly.

Less than two finger spaces means that the helmet is sitting too far forward and could affect the rider’s ability to see.


Check that the two straps meet underneath the ear lobe on both sides on the head.

If the straps meet well below the ear lobe then the straps will not hold the helmet in place properly during a collision


Clip the buckle and give it a tug to make sure it’s clipped in properly. Check if there is enough room to fit one finger between the chin and buckle.

Too much space could result in the helmet moving and not protecting the head properly during a collision.

Too little space will be uncomfortable for the rider.


If your helmet comes with padding, leave it in. If your head feels too tight then use a bigger helmet size instead.

Shake your head to see if the helmet moves out of position. If it does adjust the stabiliser for a more snug fit.

Don’t wear a hat or beanie over the top or underneath your helmet. It will reduce the function of your helmet and its fit.