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Early Years R-2

Way2Go Early Years

Primary Years - Year 3-5

 Teacher Resource for Primary Years

Middle Years - Year 6&7

 Teacher Resource for Middle Years

Teaching and learning content for students in the Early Years builds on basic experiences that children have had in the road network as pedestrians and passengers. The resource contains safety strategies for pedestrians, passengers, cyclists and children's play. It introduces the concept of active travel and explores walking, cycling and using public transport as travel options. The Primary years activities recognise that some children are already travelling independently. The resource provides teaching and learning activities to increase students' awareness of the road network and their responsibility in using it safely. It also explores reasons for taking more opportunities to walk, cycle and travel by public transport. Middle Years students are critically involved in using the road network as pedestrians, passengers and cyclists. The resource activities include learning about decision making, travelling safely and the impact of the motor vehicle on the environment.

Teacher resource book

The packs are sequential with age appropriate material

  • Unit 1 - Setting the scene
  • Unit 2 - Safe and healthy pedestrians
  • Unit 3 - Safe passengers
  • Unit 4 - Safe cycling and play
  • Unit 5 - SafeTrack: A new national resource is available


  • Text of the Teacher resource book and worksheets
  • Selection of Clip Art
  • Traffic sounds
  • Songs
  • Discussion pictures (set of 40) suitable for interactive whiteboards
  • Factsheets


  • Split Second (set of three road safety scenarios)
  • Helmet infomercial - a road safety project
  • SafeTrack rail safety (two short films)
  • TV commercials (set of 12)

Discussion pictures

Set of 40 images to support teaching and learning activities

Big books

  • Jeffrey
  • Hands are for holding when you're crossing the road
  • Where's Banjo, Mum?

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