Safety cameras at level crossings

14 January 2013

New safety cameras are now operational at four level crossings in Adelaide to discourage drivers from taking unnecessary risks.

The new level crossing safety cameras are located at:

- Leader St, Goodwood
- Cormack Rd/Magazine Rd, Dry Creek
- Commercial Rd, Salisbury
- Kilkenny Rd, Woodville Park

An additional two sites are now in the final stages of commissioning - at Womma Road, Elizabeth North and Woodville Road, Woodville.

The new cameras aim to encourage drivers to obey flashing warning lights and posted speed limits.

The potential for death or serious injury from a level crossing crash is high – there were 70 vehicle collisions at level crossings in South Australia from 2002 to 2011 with 25 deaths and 74 serious injuries recorded across the rail network.

Driver inattention and distraction, risk taking and disobeying warning lights and signs are the most common contributors to vehicle-train crashes.

Legislation was amended earlier this year to allow drivers who are detected for speeding offences through level crossings and who disobey warning lights at the same time to be fined and incur demerit points for both offences.

All funds from speeding and level crossing expiations will go directly into the Community Road Safety Fund.

Driving offences at railway level crossings include:

- Failing to stop at a stop sign at a level crossing.
- Failing to give way to a train or tram at a level crossing where there is a give way sign.
- Entering a level crossing if warning lights or bells are operating.
- Entering a level crossing if a gate, boom or barrier is closing, closed or opening.
- Entering a level crossing if a train or tram is on or entering the crossing.
- Entering a level crossing if an approaching train or tram can be seen from the crossing, or sounding a warning, and there is a danger of a collision at the crossing.
- Entering a level crossing if you cannot pass through the crossing because it, or the road beyond it, is blocked.
- Failure to leave a level crossing as soon as it is safe.

Expiation fees for offences relating to disobeying level crossing signals total $464 per offence and incur demerit points.

Further information in relation to speeding penalties and demerit points can be found

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