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Level crossings on the Outer Harbor rail line fixed

Tuesday, 23 January 2018

Level crossings on the Outer Harbor rail line have reopened following signal faults this morning.

The cause of the fault appears to be damage to the Protection Surge Arrestors during the lightning storm on Sunday night.

Engineers will continue to investigate the extent of the damage.

At approximately 6.10am the signalling fault caused level crossings along the Outer Harbor rail line between Glanville and Outer Harbor to go into fail safe mode.

Trains were able to continue across the crossings at a slow speed.

Rail fitters were immediately dispatched to locate and rectify the fault. The system operated as designed sending level crossings into safe mode, keeping boom gates down to ensure the safety of motorists and passengers.

Traffic management staff were also dispatched to assist and allow traffic to cross some of the intersection when it was safe to do so.

Adelaide Metro thanks customers for their patience.