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About us

The Office of the Registrar-General is a small office of 12 staff who have the responsibility to provide oversight to the operations of the Lands Titles Office by Land Services SA to ensure the integrity of the South Australian land title registry and the trusted reputation of the Lands Titles Office is maintained.

Official seal of the Registrar-General featuring the Regents coat of arms enclosed in an oval

Our vision

A fully digital, trusted and efficient land titles environment.

Our role

The Office of the Registrar-General provides four key functions in its role as a regulator:

Legislative governance

The Registrar-General administers the Real Property Act 1886 (and associated statutes) and policy impacting land transactions. This includes maintenance of the integrity of the Land Titles Register Book, controlling the Assurance Fund which underpins the government guarantee of indefeasibility of title and setting regulated fees and charges. Statutory responsibilities delegated to the State's service provider, Lands Services SA under Section 17 of the Real Property Act 1886 are strictly controlled.

To view the legislation underpinning the role of the Registrar-General, visit the following:

Contractual governance

The Registrar–General is responsible for the management and oversight of the complex and long term contractual relationship between the State and the Service Provider (LSSA) for the provision of land titling services and valuation services.

In particular, its role is critical in ensuring that the service provider is fulfilling its obligations to protect the security and maintain the integrity and accessibility of the State’s land titles system and valuation system, as well as ensuring that the commercialisation of the information within those systems by the service provider is in accordance with the terms and conditions of the agreements with the State.

Data governance

The State of South Australia has retained its rights over the data collected for land titling and valuation purposes. The State, other approved government agencies and Universities can continue to appropriately use this data.

Our office ensures that data is only accessed by government agencies for legitimate and allowed purposes and that those using the data observe privacy, security and commercial obligations.  We also ensure that Land Services SA meet their contractual obligations in releasing data products.

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State revenue management

The Registrar-General is responsible for financial governance over the payment model established between the State and Land Services SA.

The Registrar-General;

  • Assesses proposed new service provider products,
  • Monitors that adequate financial processes and controls are utilised as they relate to the collection of monies on behalf of the State,
  • Manages both external and internal audit functions,
  • Provides a high level modern budgetary advice and control,
  • Manages and implements business reform including national and local policy practices.

The Registrar-General is responsible for the setting of regulated and non-regulated fees and the governance of the revenue collection arrangements between the State and Land Services SA.  This includes the auditing of Land Services SA.

Our philosophy

  • We are dedicated to fostering a best practice regulatory environment through innovation, collaboration and genuine partnerships with all industry stakeholders.
  • We will always act to ensure that our world class lands titles system is properly protected as expected by government and the community.
  • We are committed to providing accurate, simple and easily accessible information.
  • We will fulfil our role as regulator in a fair, transparent and balanced way.

Our team

Office of the Registrar-General organisation chart



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If you have feedback for us on the services provided by either this office or Land Services SA please complete these forms:

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Data Requests

For universities ,commonwealth, state or local government agencies please complete our data request form.

Government data request

Please note that all data requests from private individuals, business and non-Government clients must be directed to Land Services SA

Assurance Fund Claims

Please contact the Office of Registrar-General on 8456 4925 or email.