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Thomas Foods International access project, Murray Bridge

About the Project

Thomas Foods International (TFI) has announced its commitment to construct a new state-of-the-art meat processing facility to be located six kilometres north of Murray Bridge on Mannum Road.

The Australian and South Australian governments have announced funding of $14 million, split 50:50, for the planning, design and construction of public roadworks supporting this major private investment. As part of this project, Rural City of Murray Bridge Council will contract manage the tender process as well as project manage the construction works.

This project will provide public road access to the multi-million dollar facility, including a new 2.2 kilometre access road and an associated junction at Mannum Road. This new junction will include protected turning, and deceleration and acceleration lanes to assist with traffic flows along Mannum Road.

The new meat processing facility will employ up to 2,000 staff and will use higher productivity freight vehicles to serve the site’s transport requirements.

An initial investigation into the provision of safe access for staff and high productivity vehicles between the new site and the surrounding road network identified the need for a new junction and associated link road to provide a safe connection to Mannum Road.

The primary objectives of this project are:

  • to support the major investment in new infrastructure by TFI that will improve local economic conditions within a South Australian regional town, leading to greater employment opportunities
  • to provide safe access for the 2,000 staff vehicles and higher productivity freight vehicles to the new TFI meat processing facility, by provision of the new junction on Mannum Road and link road, as well as ensuring the safety for all road users along this section of Mannum Road
  • to achieve the requirements for use of road train vehicles (up to 36.5m length) to enhance TFI’s economic competitiveness for transport of goods in the local, interstate and overseas markets
  • to maximise the potential for additional development along the new link road.

The tender is expected to be awarded by the end of May, with construction anticipated to commence soon after, targeting completion by the end of 2020.

Click here to view the Thomas Foods International Access Project notification.

Thomas Foods site aerial photo

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