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2015 Rail Care started as the Adopt-A-Station initiative in the early 1990’s with volunteers who joined then still continuing in the program, which has grown to include almost 160 volunteers from 34 groups across the Adelaide Metro train and tram network.

Rail Care is unique in Australia and globally, beautifying rail neighbourhoods with a combination of public art, gardening, greening and removal of graffiti. Central to its success is building on local enthusiasm from volunteers and community members.

The gardening and care undertaken by Rail Care volunteers is complementary to the maintenance work undertaken by Rail in litter and waste removal, graffiti management, cleaning, weed control and vegetation management.

But volunteers add an extra level of care to station precincts with gardening, removing graffiti quickly from public areas (and often before routine maintenance can remove it) and advising Rail of any problems at the station such as vandalism, offensive graffiti, fallen branches etcetera.   Many volunteers have continued to volunteer for many years through regular working bees, while their local neighbourhoods benefit greatly from improved gardens and minimal graffiti.

For any Rail Care enquiries or to register as a volunteer please contact:

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