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Hove Level Crossing Removal

About the project

The Australian and South Australian governments have committed to the removal of the Hove Level Crossing (the crossing) on Brighton Road, which is located approximately 70 metres from the Hove Train Station.

The crossing is located approximately 12km southwest of the City of Adelaide, on a primary north-south strategic arterial corridor, linking with Tapleys Hill Road to the north (at Anzac Highway, Glenelg North) and Ocean Boulevard to the south (at Seacombe Road, Seacliff Park) and is a gazetted freight route.

An average of 34,700 vehicles pass through this level crossing each day. The boom gates at the Hove Level Crossing are down for approximately 20 percent of the time during the combined AM and PM peak periods.

The Australian and South Australian governments are progressing the project to address safety concerns, reduce congestion and improve connectivity (locally and for national road transport productivity). The South Australian Government has also committed to creating quality community spaces, new active transport links and new landscaped areas as part of the project.

The location is shown in Figure 1, and photographs of the crossing in Figure 2.

An illustrated map featuring the location of the crossing with a few benefits of grade separation listed.

Figure 1- Hove Level Crossing Removal Location

Vehicles queue at the level crossing, awaiting a train to pass.

Vehicles queue at the level crossing, awaiting a train to pass.

Figure 2- Photos of Hove Level Crossing

Community Engagement

Community and stakeholder engagement continues to be an important part of the planning process. We will continue to engage with residents, land owners, business owners and other stakeholders to ensure that their views help inform the project’s design.

Further engagement and information sharing will occur in early 2021, to assist in determining a preferred design option.

Once the preferred option has been determined, the project will enter into a procurement process to identify construction partners for the delivery phase.

It is expected that award of the construction contract will occur in late 2021, with main works commencing in mid-2022. It is anticipated that the project will be completed by early 2024, weather permitting.

Community drop-in sessions

Community drop-in sessions were held recently at the Brighton Football Club on Saturday, 30 January, Monday, 1 February and Wednesday, 3 February. Thank you to all local community members who attended to provide feedback and enable the project team to answer questions.

The project team will continue to liaise with the community as the project develops.

Planning Study

A planning study undertaken by the Public Transport Project Alliance (PTPA) between 2019 and 2020 confirmed the project has the potential to provide a range of beneficial outcomes, such as:

  • improved safety for all road users (motorists, cyclists and pedestrians) by removing a road-rail crossing point (there have been 18 deaths and 454 near misses at Adelaide level crossings)
  • reduced congestion and more reliable journeys
  • improved connectivity (locally and for national road transport productivity)
  • creating quality community spaces, new active transport links and new landscaped areas
  • better reliability for public transport services
  • increases in current and future transport capacity
  • increase in public open / recreational space

The Challenge

Developing a solution which:

  • is sympathetic to the existing area
  • maintains the residential character and high-street function of Brighton Road, Hove
  • minimises property acquisition
  • mitigates visual impact
  • improves traffic flow
  • improves liveability adjacent to the passenger rail corridors.

The level crossing is constrained by residential property and businesses

A satellite map view of the Brighton Road level crossing area shows the numerous residential, business and community properties that constrain it.

The Project:

We invite you to watch a presentation by the Department’s Executive Director of Transport Project Delivery, Jon Whelan, on the design options currently being assessed to deliver the Hove Level Crossing Removal Project.

Options under consideration fact sheets:

Project FAQ's

Rail Over Option

Rail Under Option

Road Over Option

Road Under Option

DIT COVID-19 Response

DIT works closely with SA Health to ensure community engagement and information sharing activities are implemented in line with the latest COVID-19 advice.

To comply with COVID 19 advice, it is important that you register for any DIT event, so we can ensure physical distancing requirements are met.

We encourage the community to register for email updates.

Further information

If you have any further enquiries or would like to register your interest in the project to receive updates, please:

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