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Community Interact

Community Liaison Group for Stages 2 and 3

The department, through its Transport Services Division, has formed a Community Liaison Group (CLG) to discuss Stages 2 and 3 project works and facilitate information flow to the community. The CLG will operate throughout the design and construction phases of the project, over a period of approximately two years. Members of the Port River Expressway project team and Abigroup Contractors Pty Ltd. will attend all CLG meetings.

For further information about the CLG for Stages 2 and 3 of the Port River Expressway project, please download the following documents:


Size (kb)

Community Liaison Group Fact Sheet 46.2
Community Liaison Group Advertisement 42.3

To view the presentations which Abigroup Contractors Pty Ltd have delivered at CLG meetings, please download the following documents:


Size (kb)

Abigroup's Presentation - Meeting 1 631
Abigroup's Presentation - Meeting 2 660

To view a presentation given by the department on Stages 2 and 3 of the project, please download the following document:


Size (kb)

Port River Expressway Presentation 1.17MB

Minutes of CLG meetings will be posted after each meeting.

Title Date

Size (kb)

Minutes of Fifteenth Meeting
Minutes of Fourteenth Meeting 
Minutes of Thirteenth Meeting 21/06/2007 34.8
Minutes of Twelfth Meeting 12/04/2007 37.4
Minutes of Eleventh Meeting 08/02/2007 46.2
Minutes of Ninth Meeting  31/08/2006 39.5
Minutes of Eighth Meeting 13/07/2006 36
Minutes of Seventh Meeting 01/06/2006 39.3
Minutes of Sixth Meeting 16/02/2006 42.4
Minutes of Fifth Meeting 15/12/2005 32.1
Minutes of Fourth Meeting 10/11/2005 45.9
Minutes of Third Meeting 13/10/2005 203
Minutes of Second Meeting 15/09/2005 49.2
Minutes of Inaugural Meeting 25/08/2005 197

Note: There are no minutes for the tenth meeting as it was an informal, larger meeting which consisted of a site tour

Agendas of CLG meetings will be posted after each meeting.

Title Date

Size (kb)

Sixteenth Meeting Agenda 1/11/2007 22.2
Fifteenth Meeting Agenda 13/09/2007 22.2
Fourteenth Meeting Agenda 02/08/2007 22.1
Thirteenth Meeting Agenda 21/06/2007 57.8
Twelfth Meeting Agenda 12/04/2007 26
Eleventh Meeting Agenda 08/02/2007 27.7
Tenth Meeting Agenda  09/11/2006 22.5
Ninth Meeting Agenda  31/08/2006 36.8
Eighth Meeting Agenda  13/07/2008 30.1
Seventh Meeting Agenda  01/06/2006 30.2
Sixth Meeting Agenda  16/02/2006 29.9
Fifth Meeting Agenda  15/12/2005 36
Fourth Meeting Agenda  10/11/2005 189
Third Meeting Agenda  13/10/2005 201
Second Meeting Agenda  15/09/2005 199
First Meeting Agenda 25/08/2005 198

Community information for residents

Temporary traffic management arrangements

Like any major roadworks project, there will be some inconvenience for traffic during the construction of Stages 2 and 3 of the Port River Expressway, for the ultimate long-term gain in transport efficiencies.

To cater for the increase of traffic that Stage 1 of the Port River Expressway will generate through the Port Centre until the road bridge (Stage 2) is built, temporary arrangements have been put in place to improve traffic flow.

These temporary arrangements will provide greater capacity at the St Vincent Street and Commercial Road intersection and the traffic signals have been altered at this location to give priority to west-bound traffic.

Video cameras have also been installed at the intersection of St Vincent Street and Commercial Road to monitor traffic movements, so that traffic signal sequencing can be adjusted to suit traffic conditions and delay times for motorists are minimised. Video monitoring will allow the department to respond quickly if traffic patterns change.

The department undertook a comprehensive 'pre-opening' survey of the expressway in relation to traffic numbers, speed and the type of vehicles accessing the general area in order to ensure that assumptions regarding traffic management were appropriate. This survey will be repeated at intervals up to and following the opening of Stage 2 to ensure that these assumptions remain appropriate.

Community information for visitors to Port Adelaide

Construction of Stages 2 and 3 of the Port River Expressway has required the relocation of the South Australian Aviation Museum from its former site between Docks 1 and 2 into the Port Adelaide museum precinct on Lipson Street, adjacent to the National Railway Museum.

Please download the Media Release regarding the relocation of the Aviation Museum.  218 kb