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Work in the Wetlands
An Environmentally Friendly Road Project
Project Overview


Port River Expressway project brochure
Port River Expressway Update Stages 2 and 3, November 2006

Community Updates

'Community Updates' providing information relating to the status of the Port River Expressway project will be published in the Portside Messenger at regular three month intervals during the design and construction phases of Stages 2 and 3.

Download Community Updates

Public Works Committee reports

The purpose of the Public Works Committee (PWC) is to investigate and scrutinise individual and specific public capital expenditure projects.

The PWC is a parliamentary committee established pursuant to sections 12A, B and C of the Parliamentary Committees Act, 1991, proclaimed February 1992. Please download the following PWC documents relating to the Port River Expressway.

Public Works Committee Official Hansard Reports for Port River Expressway

Public notices

Public notices outlining changes in traffic conditions as a result of the project are published in the Portside Messenger.

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Bridge Height Postcard

Ahead of the completion of the road and rail bridges across the Port River in early / mid 2008, a new information tool has been released by DPTI to provide preliminary details about the bridges for boat owners/operators and those looking to purchase a vessel.

The flyer illustrates the height of the Port River Expressway bridges in the closed position at the Highest Astronomical Tide is 8.65m, enabling the majority of river traffic to pass under the bridges.

The road and rail bridges will open at prescribed times to allow passage for those vessels that can not safely navigate the bridges in the closed position. The opening regime is currently being finalised in consultation with rail, road and marine user groups and will be announced in the coming months. It will give priority to road and rail freight traffic during the week and seek to accommodate the additional weekend and public holiday use by recreational marine users.  A comprehensive promotion and education program will be rolled out to inform marine users about the bridge opening times and how to safely navigate vessels in the vicinity of the bridges.

Regulations associated with the Harbors and Navigation Act 1993 are currently being prepared to ensure the orderly behaviour of mariners in the vicinity of the bridges.

Over the next few months the rail and road girders for the bridge opening sections and the remaining fixed spans will be lifted into place and the bridge decks constructed. To enable these final construction works to take place, the Port River Expressway Bridges construction site (between Docks 1 and 2) is now closed to over-height vessels (vessels above 8 metres) until Friday 8 February 2008. Under-height marine vessels will continue to be able to access the current temporary channel, and businesses upstream of the construction site in the inner harbour will continue to trade throughout the closure period. To read more, please click here.

The bridge height flyer is available from the Department’s Customer Service Centres, most marine outlets, the Boating Industry of South Australia, or can be downloaded from DPTI’s website at or requested by ringing 1300 130 653.

Please download a copy of the Bridge Height Postcard.