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The following publications are available for downloading:

Project Publications

  • Belair Line Stations Upgrade Newsletter (July 2009).pdf
  • Belair Line Renewal Project Newsletter (March 2009).pdf
  • Comments form (March 2009).pdf
  • Substitute bus timetable (March 2009).pdf
  • Substitute bus route map (March 2009).pdf
  • Belair Line Renewal Project Newsletter (December 2008).pdf

New Connections

The quarterly New Connections publication provides details of the many transport infrastructure projects underway across Adelaide and into its regional fringes.

  • New Connections Issue 5 (Summer 2009).pdf (2.9 MB) - see page 15.
  • New Connections Issue 4 (July 2009) - see page i (Public Transport Edition).
  • New Connections Issue 3 (March 2009) - see page 8.
  • New Connections Issue 2 (October 2008) - see page 8 for information on the Belair Line Renewal project.
  • New Connections Issue 1 (August 2008) - information about the Belair Line Renewal project features on page 7.
  • New Connections (2008/09 budget edition)