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Construction Work

Photo: Preparation of base layer near Pinera Station

Major construction works to revitalise the Belair rail line (requiring a full closure of the line) started on Sunday, 26 April 2009, and was completed in August 2009.

These works involved a series of activities including upgrading the track formation, improving drainage and installing new concrete sleepers and new rail.

The works were undertaken by a joint venture of John Holland Rail and Coleman Rail. A key criterion for selecting this team was their demonstrated ability to undertake the construction works in the safest and most efficient manner.

Fast Facts

Renewal of the Belair Line included:

  • installation of 23,500 new gauge convertible concrete sleepers
  • bringing in 15,000 tonnes of crushed rock and 55,000 tonnes of ballast for the new base layer
  • removal of 50,000 tonnes of old soil
  • laying 32 kilometres of new rail
  • over 7,000 truck movements next to the 16 kilometre construction site to remove old materials and bring in the new
  • 120,000 workers hours
  • up to 175 workers on site to complete the upgrade
  • up to 30 earthmoving / construction vehicles on site each day
  • provision of a substitute bus service used by approximately 1500 commuters each weekday (50% of train commuters).