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The Review

The Gateway Review is generally held over a period of four consecutive days (Monday – Thursday). During this time the Review Team meets with the Senior Responsible Owner, the project team and stakeholders.

Discussions are normally held in the CBD, however the Review Team may allow for site visits, and/or meeting with senior stakeholders with time constraints or travel restrictions etc.  Video conferencing will be utilised if required.

The Review Team will examine documents and hold discussions with the nominated stakeholders. These are confidential and non-attributable, meaning stakeholders can speak their mind with confidence.

The Review Team will meet with the Senior Responsible Owner on the first morning of the Review. In addition, the Review Team updates the Senior Responsible Owner on the review progress at the end of each day.

On the final day of the Review, the Review Team will present the Senior Responsible Owner with a draft report of their findings.

The program or project will be provided with an overall delivery confidence assessment using the following criteria:

  • Green – Successful delivery of the project to time, cost and quality appears highly likely. There are no major outstanding issues that appear to threaten delivery.
  • Amber / Green – successful delivery appears probable, however constant attention will be needed to ensure risks to do not develop into major issues threatening delivery.
  • Amber – successful delivery appears feasible but significant issues exist requiring management attention. These appear resolvable at this stage and if addressed without delay should not impact delivery or benefits realisation.
  • Amber / Red – Successful delivery of the project is in doubt with major risks or issues apparent in a number of key areas. Prompt action is needed to address these and to determine whether resolution is feasible.
  • Red – successful delivery of the project appears unachievable. There are major issues on definition, budget, schedule, quality or benefits delivery which do not appear to be manageable or resolvable. The project may need to be re-baselined or its overall viability readdressed.

In addition, Individual Recommendations will also be made within the Gateway Review Report that are critical to address potential issues and for establishing the priority of key actions to be taken. Individual Recommendations are rated as:

  • Green – the project would benefit from the update of this recommendation.
  • Amber – to increase the likelihood of a successful outcome, it is important the project take action in the near future. Whenever possible, essential recommendations are linked to a project milestone and / or a specified timeframe; or
  • Red – to increase the likelihood of a successful outcome, it is of greatest importance that the project take action immediately.