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Gateway Review Process

Gateway Reviews are an important element of the project assurance framework of the Department of Infrastructure and Transport.  They provide timely independent advice on a project or program’s current progress and its objectives, governance and readiness.

The Gateway Review Process examines projects and programs at six key decision points in their lifecycle:

  • Gate 0: Strategic Assessment
  • Gate 1: Funding Readiness
  • Gate 2: Market Readiness
  • Gate 3: Investment Decision
  • Gate 4: Service Readiness
  • Gate 5: Benefits Realisation

The Gateway Review Process involves using an independent external Review Team to provide timely and confidential advice about progress and likelihood of project success. The Gateway Review Process is only applied to Category 1 projects (generally those above $100 million, or other high value projects that have a high level of risk).

Who Delivers the Gateway Review process?

In relation to the Gateway Review process, the Department of Infrastructure and Transport is responsible for:

  • Resourcing and arranging Gateway Reviews;
  • Development, management and continuous improvement of the Gateway Review Process;
  • Maintaining a database of accredited Gateway Reviewers;
  • Provision of best practice guidance to project teams; and
  • Identification and sharing of best practice and lessons learnt from reviews across the department.

Relationship with Infrastructure South Australia

Infrastructure SA is in the process of developing an Assurance Framework to be applied to all infrastructure projects above $50 million.

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