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How do I access port]e[co?

Access port]e[co by entering the following web address:

You will need an authorised Username and Password.* See our latest Quick Start Guide.

What is port]e[co?

port]e[co's functionality can be divided into 3 main categories:

  • Asset Register
  • Asset Planning
  • Administration Tools

Asset Register
The Asset Register forms the heart of the Strategic Asset Management Information System. It is a data repository that stores description and classification information, that provides a detailed profile of Government built assets.

Asset Data Collection Guides Step-by-step instructions for asset data collection:

(Click on link to download PDF)

  1. Entering Transport Systems - Lifts
  2. Entering Buildings - Shed Buildings
  3. Entering Ceiling Types and Materials
  4. Entering Covered Outdoor Learning Areas
  5. Updating Pre Inspection Date

Asset Valuation/Depreciation
port]e[co records asset valuations and associated depreciated values. For building assets, emphasis is given to replacement cost, which is calculated based on rates that are widely accepted in the construction industry.

Life Cycle Costing
port]e[co provides access to actual and forecast costs (and revenues) over the useful life of each asset. It also provides information on capital and recurrent costs concerning an asset's acquisition, maintenance, ongoing operation, refurbishment and disposal. The source of much of this data is established and maintained by existing business processes, such as works management.

Performance Assessment
The primary aim of performance assessment is to ensure that each asset continues to be cost effective and deliver services to the community. port]e[co enables agencies to assess the condition, capacity, suitability and compliance of an asset to meet its required levels of service. This enables the identification of when intervention is required so that service levels can continue to be met in the future.

Asset Management Plans
port]e[co assists agencies with the generation of Strategic Asset Management Plans and budget forecasts. These plans guide replacement, refurbishment or disposal decisions and are used to help address any predicted or actual failures of assets to deliver their required levels of service.

* Contact Business Systems for all access enquiries: 
Phone 08 8343 2850

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