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Client Services

This section provides information on a selection of frequently used services:

AGFMA Hotline

The AGFMA Hotline operates from 7.30 am to 5.00 pm Monday-Friday (excluding public holidays).

DIT Facilities Services (FS – Netley)

Information on our in-house government provider of the FM Services can be sourced here. Facilities Services is responsible for FM service delivery across regional South Australia and metropolitan Adelaide (southern region).

Spotless Facility Services Pty Ltd (Spotless)

Spotless are our external FM provider delivering services to Metropolitan northern and central Adelaide regions. Spotless have a diverse customer base and are a leading provider of integrated facility services in Australia and New Zealand to both the private and public sector.

Agency Advocacy

The Agency Advocacy team within the AGFMA Section have a unique role. With extensive knowledge of the contract requirements and obligations, they manage and address contract risks to ensure the contract outcomes are achieved and provide performance reports to senior managers and the governance committee on set performance measures.

Quality Assurance

The AGFMA Section conducts many audit and quality assurance measures throughout the year. Performance of the FM Service Providers under the FM arrangements is measured in a variety of ways, including by using key performance indicators (KPIs). This sections provides a summary of our audit and quality assurance service.

Technical Data Schedules (TDS)

Learn more about how the Technical Data Schedules (TDS) form the basis of any Preventative Maintenance programme. A TDS outlines the generic tasks, type and frequency of preventative Maintenance servicing on our clients’ assets including plant, equipment and building fabric. View the current TDS reference set.


The AGFMA Section is committed to providing a safe workplace for all our employees and contractors. For more on our commitment to safety and other information, please click here.

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