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Arterial road cycling projects

Cycling infrastructure on arterial roads

The Arterial Road Bicycle Facilities Program provides $480,000 each year to install bicycle facilities on arterial roads.

Along with the State Black Spot funding, this program improves arterial roads for cycling by:

  • installing safer and more convenient arterial road crossings along Greenway and Bicycle Boulevard routes
  • increasing separation for existing bike lanes
  • fixing cycling Black Spots and gaps in existing bike lanes
  • painting new bike lanes


Projects are selected using several criteria:

  • the number of reported bicycle crashes or crash risk factors including cyclist volumes, motor vehicle volumes and posted speed
  • strategic value in the context of the cycling network
  • feedback from requests and public consultation
  • opportunities for improvements (recent development projects or road works for example)

For more information on DIT programs that improve the cycling network on local streets and off-road paths see the Greenway and Bicycle Boulevards program and state grants available to councils.


For information about Arterial Road Bicycle Facilities Program, please contact:

Ph: 08 8204 8677

Feedback Form

Feedback and suggestions for projects are welcome. The form has a character limit; to provide more information, use the email address above.