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DPTI Matters - 7 February 2020

CONNECT - Message from the Chief Executive

A word from the Chief Executive

If you have any comments, suggestions, questions or concerns, please email them to

Home Zone

A positive new initiative was recently launched in a partnership between DPTI and the City of Adelaide aimed at keeping people safer while they wait for transport home after a Saturday night in the city.

The Home Zone project introduces a central city location offering four key After Midnight bus stops, as well as a dedicated ride collection point where people can wait together for transport home late on a Saturday night.

After Midnight buses depart from four key bus stops in the Home Zone, depending on where passengers want to travel, with other city bus stops also available for After Midnight buses. The buses can drop passengers at brightly lit locations such as 24-hour service stations and fast food outlets.

A Graphics with the words "Heading home? Head to the" in black text across the tope, followed by the words "Home Zone" in larger red capital lettering below that and the words "visit" in small lettering at the bottom. The graphic is a horizontal rectangle with a background graduating from a dark yellow at the sides to a very pale yellow in the middle.

Extra effort

Well done to Graham Mylrea of the Land & Built Environment Directorate, who recently showed the compassion and commitment we are aiming for, especially when dealing with people affected by the recent bushfires in South Australia.

A property owner whose fencing was damaged in the fires appeared to have an anomaly with recorded data available on the internet, which raised the concern of potential surveying expenses.

Graham worked hard to search historical survey records and spatially improve the accuracy of the land’s boundaries on the South Australian Property and Planning Atlas, and within 24 hours was able to confirm the original fencing was in the correct location.

The client was extremely grateful for the compassion shown and commented on how much comfort this simple act had provided in a difficult time. This is exactly the kind of customer focus we must ensure we deliver.

Penola Bypass

It’s good to see asphalting works on the junctions at the northern and southern ends of the new Penola Northern Bypass underway, marking an important step in this $14.6 million project.

The bypass is funded by the South Australian and Australian governments, and Wattle Range Council.

It aims to significantly reduce heavy vehicle traffic volumes through the Penola township, reduce conflict between heavy vehicles, pedestrians and local traffic within Penola and reduce travel time and create improved access for heavy vehicles.

A freshly sealed section of road with workers and michnery in the distance
Part of the asphalting works.

Community day

Members of the public will get their first look at the near-completed Northern Connector this month, as the project hosts a special day to thank the community for their patience during construction.

The Community Open Day will be on Sunday 16 February, from 11am to 3pm, and include a free sausage sizzle, refreshments available for purchase, with proceeds going to local charities, free children’s activities, construction equipment on display and bus tours of South Australia’s first major concrete road.

Well done to the team on organising what promises to be a very popular event.

An aerial shot of part of the Northern Connector showing a curved bridge with multiple roads goinf under it .

Rapid response

Construction workers on the Gawler East Link Road project did a great job of responding to an emergency at a nearby house recently.

Bardavcol supervisor Michael Hayes, pictured below, responded quickly when called to help a woman whose neighbour was having a seizure in his backyard. He immediately had other workers phone for an ambulance then, with another worker, applied first aid and placed the man in the recovery position, monitoring him until ambulance officers took over.

One of the man’s family members was told by medical staff that the quick actions of our team had improved the man’s chances of a healthy recovery. Great work by those involved.

a vertical photo of Michael Hayes standing in front of a high fence. He is wearing a safety helmet and high-vis clothing and holding a first-aid box.

Friday Flashback

Today we share a video of the trams of the 1960s. There are some great images here and we’re sure you’ll have some fun spotting the various landmarks.

Video: Damien Hill