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DPTI Matters - 3 April 2020

CONNECT - Message from the Chief Executive

A word from the Chief Executive

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Delivering IT solutions for flexible working

Following the COVID-19 outbreak we have been moving at pace to enable more flexible working practices for hundreds of people across DPTI.  This has presented our IT team with a significant challenge in adapting the way our IT systems work so they can support employees working remotely from the normal office environment.

The team has come up with a number of creative solutions to provide more capacity to do this sustainably.  At the same time they are providing a lot of extra support to colleagues across DPTI who are coming to grips with new ways of doing their work.

It’s a massive step forward, and there is more to come.  Thank you to the IT team for taking up this challenge and helping to manage a massive shift in the way we work.

Doing more road maintenance

DPTI is increasing road maintenance and renewal works around the state in response to the current Covid-19 situation.

The Road Assets Section, in conjunction with Field Services, will be issuing programs of road maintenance works to be delivered by the state’s smaller contractors and SMEs to sustain industry and jobs.

Works include replacement of faded or damaged signage, traffic light and lighting repairs and upgrades, vegetation control, road patching, fencing and barrier repairs, and renewal of rest area equipment such as bins, water tanks and picnic tables.

Moving to metroCARD only

When the call was made to make Adelaide Metro cashless to protect customers and staff this week, our team moved quickly to respond to customers’ needs to be able to quickly update the balance on their metroCARDs.

Tireless efforts to upgrade the metroCARD system by the SAPTA ticketing unit ensured transactions made online would be reflected on cards within the hour, enabling customers to travel with confidence.

This was a great response and is the standard we continually strive to achieve.

Helping council developments

Our Planning team is working with councils after the SA Government stimulus package doubled the available Planning and Development Fund to $50 million, when matched with the local government contribution on a 50:50 basis.

In light of the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic and recent devastating bushfires, the current grant round has now been extended to 5pm on Thursday 9 April 2020, to provide councils more time to submit projects for funding this year.

This is another important adjustment that will have significant benefits as the SA economy begins to refocus in coming months.

Delivering stimulus project works

DPTI’s Transport Project Delivery and Transport Planning and Program Development staff have moved swiftly in response the COVID-19 outbreak, through a series of targeted measures including getting work into the market to keep people employed and money flowing through the economy.

Much of this work will initially be in planning and design, which can continue without the need for physical interaction. It will mean that we will have a number of projects ‘delivery ready’ sooner rather than later, and provide the construction industry with the confidence to keep their workforce engaged during these challenging times.

The team is identifying those projects that can be brought forward quickly and will be looking at spreading work across the industry in a fair and transparent way.

Strengthening risk controls

DPTI staff are working diligently to ensure that appropriate site entry risk management protocols are implemented to enable the continued delivery of important project work and maintenance activities.

This has included engagement with agencies and sites to consider specific risks and the introduction of additional agency-led controls where appropriate including, at some sites, temperature checks and ensuring that those entering specified sites have received recent flu vaccinations.