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DPTI Matters - 26 June 2020

CONNECT - Message from the Chief Executive

A word from the Chief Executive

Increasing women in construction workforce

Staff on our Regency to Pym Street Project are doing a great job not only in the task at hand, but also in overcoming a glaring statistic in workplace gender balance.

In 2017, women accounted for less than 3% of the construction workforce across Australia, while making up 51% of the non-construction workforce.

On the R2P project, women in staff roles now exceed 25% and the number of women in civil roles is more than 6%, which is six times the national average of 1%.

It’s encouraging to see the R2P Project standing as a culturally safe and inclusive workplace that recognises and respects women in the industry.

A woman in a hi-vis vest and long sleeves and pants and a safety helmet standing by the driver's side door of a truck
Civil worker Jean at the R2P site.

Celebrating a rapid economic response

DPTI staff should feel proud of some praise we received this week for awarding $15 million of fast-tracked transport planning and design works less than three months after they were originally announced.

In a statement to the media, South Australian Manager of Consult Australia Jan Irvine congratulated DPTI on its consultative approach and speedy release of the work as part of the economic response to COVID-19.

“DPTI was early to engage with the industry. It endeavoured to streamline its procurement and ensure the work was distributed across the consulting industry,” Ms Irvine said.

Our teams have worked extremely efficiently and with determined commitment to bring this about, and it’s something we should all celebrate. Thank you to all involved.

Winning recognition for accessible website

The SAPTA Project and DPTI web teams have been recognised for some great work in meeting accessibility standards.

The new-look Adelaide Metro website has now received an official Statement of Accessibility after considerable work in consultation with Vision Australia to ensure it would be useful to those with low vision or blindness.

A review of the site by Vision Australia came up with some suggested changes which were quickly addressed by our web team. The result was what Vision Australia referred to as “just about the best remediation” they had seen. That’s the kind of success we love to achieve.

A screengrab of the Adelaide Metro website

Brightening up our city streets

Another great piece of artwork has appeared to brighten up our city streets, this time at the South Terrace tram stop in the city.

Contemporary-abstract artist Joel ‘Vans’ Moore is the talent behind this colourful work, which was commissioned through DPTI’s Rail Care program.

A tram stop which looks like a long hut with a timber verandah and rail, which has been painted with a brightly coloured contemporary design.

Offering advice on a sensitive subject

Our Road Safety, Policy and Projects section has done an outstanding job in offering a resource to people who need to address the sensitive issue of when it’s time for a family member or friend to stop driving.

Importantly, it highlights the point that it is ability, not age, that determines whether a person is a safe driver.

The online resource, Are you worried about someone’s driving?, is available at and includes advice on how to start a conversation about driving, the legal responsibilities around a person’s fitness to drive and tips for helping a driver to stay safe.

I recommend having a look at the site and I thank the team for preparing this valuable resource.

A shallow horizontal grapgic with a dark blue bakground and two various coloured stylised, round-cornered speech bubbles at either end. In the centre is some ehite text saying "Are you worried about someone's driving?" which is displayed on two lines. The bottom right corner has two lines of white text saying "moving right along".

Capturing the challenge of a major project

A video offering viewers a behind-the-scenes look at the enormity of challenges involved in construction of the Flinders Link has been well received on social media, with thousands of views over recent days.

The clip focuses on the placement of massive girders and is quite remarkable to watch. Take a look below and you’ll see what I mean.

Friday Flashback

With many in our department crunching numbers for the end of the financial year, today’s Friday Flashback visits a time when sharpening your pencil meant just that. This is the accounts section of the Repatriation Department in 1953.

A black and white photo of smartly dressed people sitting at desks in rows. The men are allwearing ties. Some are working on typewriters but most are writing by hand into books.
SLSA B 69682