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DPTI Matters - 21 February 2020

CONNECT - Message from the Chief Executive

A word from the Chief Executive

If you have any comments, suggestions, questions or concerns, please email them to

Thanks, undergraduates

Thank you to the terrific group of undergraduates who have been working with us over the summer break.

It has been a wonderful opportunity to share our knowledge and experience while benefitting from fresh ideas. We wish them all the best in their professional endeavours.

A group of 24 young men and women standing by a brick wall on one side and a black wall on the other. The walls meet in a corner behind them.

Parliamentary praise

Congratulations to two of our Service SA staff who were mentioned in the most positive way in Parliament recently.

In responding to a question, Minister for Transport and Infrastructure the Hon Stephan Knoll MP had healthy praise for Customer Service Officer Zerina Mujagic and Acting Manager, Regency Park Commercial Centre Cole Butler.

“I want to say that I was so thoroughly impressed by the staff who work there, especially the manager, Cole, who does a fantastic job with his team in sometimes pretty difficult circumstances dealing with some very difficult transactions,” Minister Knoll said of a visit to Regency Park.

“Also, literally as we sit here speaking, I received a text message from somebody saying that they have just been in to the North Terrace centre and Zerina there provided them with phenomenal service, helping to register their car, their historic vehicle.”

Well done Zerina, Cole and the Regency Park team.

Hopping to it

The Home Zone initiative we launched with the City of Adelaide recently has introduced a fun way to market the message.

Hopscotch-shaped footpath decals have been set down, delivering information in each square while also offering fun for people waiting for a bus or a lift home from specially designated Home Zone areas late on Saturday nights.

Home Zone has buses departing from four key stops, depending on where passengers want to travel, in addition to city bus stops also available for After Midnight buses.

Three people standing on a hopcotch grid which is bright yellow in colour and has words and images on each square.

1000 calls

This week Team PLUS reached a huge milestone in consultation on the draft Planning and Design Code, with the Code Hotline Team taking its 1000th phone enquiry.

The team have been busy staffing the 1800 hotline and taking calls from members of the public and stakeholders. The consultation mapping tool has been generating interest, with hotline members taking callers through the steps to find their property using the tool.

A group of three people standing three hoqizontal rows in an office enviironment. The two people in front are wearing phone headsets.

Community Day

I was pleased to be part of a 5000-strong crowd who joined in the Northern Connector Community Day last weekend.

The big turnout reflects the level of interest there is in this project as people look expectantly to using the road in coming weeks.

The organisers did a great job, with a live band, 6000 sausages given away, stalls, heavy equipment on display, virtual reality tours of the roadway and the important bus tours along part of the connector, with 1400 people queuing for the ride. A great effort by all involved.

A large crowd of people at an outdoor event with a row of food stalls along the right-hand side.

National accreditation

It’s great to have had 62 Suburban Train Drivers and 26 Passenger Service Assistants have their skills recognised with nationally accredited qualifications as part of DPTI’s commitment to upskilling or gaining formal Recognition of Prior Learning for these roles.

The program began in August 2019 and the staff pictured below with Deputy Rail Commissioner Anne Alford and Director of Rail Operations Robert Stopp are just a few of the 280-plus Rail Safety Workers who will receive their nationally recognised qualifications as part of the program.

Eight people in blue unifroms with a man and a woman in business clothes. The eight people are holding certificates and the group is standing in front of a red train, on a rail platform.
From right: Carrie Hughes, David Mackenzie, Kristie Cook, James Jeffries, Robert Stopp, Anne Alford, Alex Capel, Reece Blaschek, Ryan Bassman, and Ben Hemmerling.

Friday Flashback

With the announcement of the retiring of the Holden brand this week, today we honour the Holden Monaro’s role in contributing to the cars of the future. The photo below shows Inventor Neil Vickery's voice operated car at Elizabeth around 1980.

A Holden monaro outside a storefront. The words Computerised Monaro are on the passenger dooe. There are members of the public stand by the car and looking at it.
Picture: Messenger Press via State Library of South Australia B 72790/56