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DPTI Matters - 17 July 2020

CONNECT - Message from the Chief Executive

A word from the Chief Executive

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Bringing the North-South Corridor home

I am delighted to be now actively working on building up the new division in DPTI that has a sole focus on planning and delivering the final section of the North-South Corridor, our biggest ever project, and one that will create enormous economic, liveability and transport benefits for our state.

Susana Fueyo has been appointed Executive Director of the North-South Corridor Program Delivery Office, which will address complex delivery challenges while creating exciting opportunities for team members to use their skills to help deliver an extraordinary project.

The division is now looking for enthusiastic and highly skilled contributors across a range of disciplines to join the team.

Positive feedback from helping customers

The challenges faced by our heavy-vehicle transport staff in helping to move large pieces of equipment on public roads can be substantial, so it’s encouraging to receive positive reports from satisfied clients.

Twice in the past week clients took the trouble to contact the department to thank staff for the help they received.

“You have helped our company obtain this RT Permit, and all it took was a gentleman working with the knowledge to help me navigate the appropriate roads that we can use for this combination,” one wrote. The second sent a photo of the large crane that had to be moved, along with an expression of thanks for the help in making it happen.

Making sure we are skilled at our jobs and using that skill to find client-focused solutions, is critical in all we do, and I congratulate those involved for these results.

A large crane working on a win-farm tower in open country with dirt roads
A crane that had to be moved with planning and permit help from DPTI staff.

Getting Footy Express up and running

The free Don’t Drink and Drive Footy Express will swing into action for the first time this year, carrying spectators to and from the Adelaide Crows/St Kilda match on Monday.

After months of uncertainty about programming of AFL matches, our staff have done a great job to respond quickly to prepare for games over the next two weeks.

With crowd numbers limited to 25,000, the planned Footy Express service will allow for more physical distancing. Well done to those involved in pulling this together.

A graphic with a Cr0ows player and a Power side by side, with a banner between them saying "What's your game plan?" with various transport otptions visible.

Building a base for safer driving

Work has begun on another step in helping to keep road users safe, with a new truck parking bay and rest area under construction on Lincoln Highway, in Cowell.

The rest area is located off-road and is primarily for heavy vehicle operators to take rest breaks and check loads, but also includes provisions for light and recreational vehicles to stop and rest, as well as a new shelter area and seating. This is one of five rest areas co-funded by the federal and state governments under round six of the Heavy Vehicle Safety and Productivity Program.

Initiatives such as these are important to our ongoing drive to help reduce road injuries and fatalities.

A large patch of ground by a road with a "Welcome to Cowel" sign on the edge and silos in the background.

Friday Flashback

Today’s Friday Flashback shows a horse-drawn milk cart in 1923. The children drinking milk will remind many of the national scheme in which students received a daily free bottle of milk at school, from the 1950s to the early 1970s.

A wagon with a giant milk bottle on the back and 10 boys on white coats drinking bottles of milk.There is a sign on the wagon reading "Bottled milk delivered in all suburubs".
SLSA PRG 280/1/38/302