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DPTI Matters - 17 April 2020

CONNECT - Message from the Chief Executive

A word from the Chief Executive

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Boosting the economy through remote work

Works to improve the 26.5km Adventure Way, between Innamincka and the Queensland border, are moving forward as part of our stimulus commitment.

This road is one of the highest trafficked unsealed roads in the northern region and provides a vital freight link between South Australia and Queensland. Works will include reforming, stabilisation and capping.

This project will deliver an important $4.6 million boost to the economy and provide real benefits to the freight industry and local community.

Advancing road maintenance

Road Assets and Field Services are working together to plan and implement the $6 million stimulus package that was announced earlier this month.

Contract partners and SME’s are being engaged, with quotes received.  Planned works will include traffic light and lighting upgrades, vegetation works and signage works along South Road.

Regional works include shoulder re-sheeting, pavement works, rest area maintenance, drainage works and sign renewals.

Upgrading infrastructure on freight route

As part of the Road Infrastructure Stimulus Package, $12 million has been allocated to upgrades along the freight route between Murray Bridge and Sturt Highway.

Improvements will focus on upgrading the bridges over Reedy Creek, Saunders Creek and Marne River to remove speed restrictions and improve productivity, and up to 40km of shoulder sealing along unsealed portions of the route to improve safety.

The State and Australian Governments are currently finalising funding negotiations in support of this important economic stimulus package.

Accelerating community projects with councils

Local communities will benefit from improved amenities and local jobs as DPTI helps deliver projects through the Planning and Development Fund.

The fund submissions deadline has been extended as an encouragement to local councils to submit shovel-ready projects that support South Australian jobs and businesses.

The types of projects being sought include revitalisation of reserves and parks, linear parks, coastal reserves, trails and open space linkages, foreshore and riverfront precincts, civic plazas, town squares and main streets.

Extending designs on planning studies

The Transport, Planning and Program Development team are moving quickly to respond to the SA economic situation by extending current contracts to progress to further design stages for a number of planning studies including in the Adelaide Hills, Mitcham Hills, Victor Harbour Rd, Flagstaff Rd and Main South Rd duplication.

Further to this, extensions for existing overtaking lanes planning and design contracts are in place for Lincoln, Eyre and Riddoch highways.

TPPD is also fast tracking procurement of significant planning and design packages for rural road initiatives along major highways; Sturt, Barrier and Princes.

Bringing school upgrades forward

The Building Projects team within Across Government Services is working with the Department for Education to bring forward a number of school upgrade projects that were not planned to commence design until next financial year or the year after that.

This opportunity is being explored on the back of requests from the consultant and construction industry so as to strengthen the building projects forward works pipeline.

Surfacing on South-Eastern Freeway

Design is underway on the South Eastern Freeway surfacing and Heysen Tunnel works, with a plan for the surfacing to commence in the third quarter of 2020.

These projects will be important sources of employment, providing opportunities for contractors as the state economy rebuilds.

Friday Flashback

Major infrastructure projects have always been vital to employment in the state and today’s Friday Flashback shows workers building the Mount Bold Dam back in the 1930s.

For those keen to know the location of last week’s Flashback, it was the Whitmore Square and Sturt Street intersection. Well done to those who picked it.

An old photo of mrn working in what looks like a stepped quarry. Two are working with pneumatic drills and two with picks. They are dressed in dirty long pants and shirts and wearing hats.
SLSA B 75165/5