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DPTI Matters -19 June 2020

CONNECT - Message from the Chief Executive

A word from the Chief Executive

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Untangling a traffic frustration

It’s an exciting time for DPTI when new projects are announced and months of planning move to reality. This is particularly true of the federal and state funded Ovingham Level Crossing Removal Project announced this week.

The completed project will see the thousands of cars that pass through the current crossing each day carried above the rail line, eliminating a major bottleneck that has long frustrated drivers.

Thanks to the teams involved for getting us to this critical point.

Speaking out to beat tragic statistics

Adelaide’s two AFL teams have stepped up to help drive home the critical Think! Road Safety message.

AFL fans tend to be right across stats, and newly released video messages tap into that, with players highlighting the staggering fact that in the past five years on South Australian roads, 82 lives were lost due to drink driving and 281 lives were lost due to distraction.

In the words of the campaign, we don’t want anyone to become another statistic.

Screengrabs from two videos set side by side on a long horizontal black backround. On the left is an iname of Crows player with partially hidden words and a play button set over him. To the right is the same but with a Power player. The words on the Crows  player say "In the past five years 82 lives lost on SA Road due to drink driving.: The words on the Power player say "In the past five years 281 lives lost on SA roads due to distraction.

Opening a virtual conversation

One of the great new pieces of technology I mentioned last week was the use of virtual rooms to allow the public to find information about projects, especially while physical distancing is so important.

With the announcement of the Ovingham project this week, the first of these rooms has gone live, with more to follow. Visitors can walk around the room and click on the various icons to watch videos, see images, read text and offer feedback.

A virtual room showing a man and a woman being greeted at a welcome desk. There is a scree with an image on it in the background and an icon with a video camera on it. To the right of the image is a large blue circle with centred white wording that reads "Enter virtual room. All of this is in a brick and glass room with light-coloured timber floors.

Putting in to deliver results

This week an important reform was introduced into Parliament in the Statutes Amendment (Local Government Review) Bill.

Getting this important piece of work to this point has involved a tremendous amount of work by many people, including creating submissions, engaging with stakeholders and providing an array of information and resources.

This has been a fantastic cross-team effort, led by Alex Hart, and I thank you all for your input.

Taking a stand on violence against women

DPTI is proud of its role in taking a stand to end violence against women through its position as a White Ribbon Accredited workplace.

Next week, on 24 June, WA organisation Communicare will launch the new White Ribbon.

DPTI is continuing to take action to promote gender equality and create cultures of safety and respect and to ensure employees experiencing workplace or domestic and family violence receive supportive and effective responses.

Building a better public transport network

The release of information relating to our proposed new bus network this week is a once in a generation change marking a major step forward in providing transport services that meet the changing needs of the SA community.

Providing more frequent, faster services is critical to encouraging people out of cars and on to public transport, which offers significant benefits to traffic flow and our environment.

Two Adelaide Metro buses, travelling one behind the other on King William Street. There are buildings on the background along with a birght blue sky. Trees which are taller than the buses  are visible on the median strip and the footpath. There are bikes chained to a bike rack in the bottom right corner.

Sounding out the best solution

One of the jigsaw puzzle pieces in the completion of Her Majesty’s Theatre was a particular issue with acoustics.

It was discovered that some seats in the stalls were in the peculiar position that it sounded as though voices were coming from the balconies overhead, rather than from the stage.

A series of think-tanks tackled the issue, delivering a number of possible solutions.

The final fix was to incorporate attractive vertical timber batons to the beautifully crafted woodwork balcony fronts to modify and correctly reflect the sound coming from the stage. That’s some great thinking in a very unusual situation.

You can take a look at how the project came together below.

Friday Flashback

Today’s Friday Flashback shows Her Majesty’s Theatre on opening night in 1913.

A black and white photo taken from the stage of Her Majesty's Theatre, showing a packed auditorium over three levels.