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DPTI Matters - 24 May 2019

CONNECT - Message from the Chief Executive

A word from the Chief Executive

Reconciliation Week

As I mentioned in today’s video message, next week is National Reconciliation Week, which is a very important time for all of us.

The theme this year is Grounded In Truth, Walk Together with Courage.

The 2018 Australian Reconciliation Barometer tells us that 80 per cent of Australians believe it is important to undertake formal truth telling processes, with Australians ready to come to terms with our history as a crucial step towards a unified future, in which we understand, value and respect each other.

This will involve unlearning and relearning what we know, which is an important step that can only happen as we walk together with courage.

Please take the time to view the video below and make sure you engage with events and information presented over the coming week.

Commercial inspections

Our Maritime Safety officers have been working to help ensure commercial vessels stay safe on the water.

Vessel inspections are carried out under an agreement with the Australian Maritime safety Authority (AMSA), with our staff recently undertaking a two-day training course, which included theory and practical exercises to increase their understanding of current best practice.

Maritime Constructions Assets Manager Justin Philips and Marine Safety Officers Aaron Hicks and Ian Hunter recently met at Gillman to inspect seven vessels, including small tenders, operational barges and medium-sized tugboats.

The overall outcome was very positive with a high level of compliance, as we expect from our professional fleet.

Two men wearing high-vis tops, dark sunglasses and safety helmets stand on a boat. Behind them is blue water, buildings in the distant centre, and a jetty to the left with a commercial fishing vessel alongside it.
Justin Philips and Aaron Hicks at Gillman.

Green lights

The Gawler East Link Road Project has started trials for zero-emission solar lighting towers, using the only four solar-panelled temporary lighting towers in South Australia.

Typical lighting towers are powered by diesel generators, and can be a source of noise during night works.

Feedback previously provided from residents encouraged the Gawler East Link Road Project Team to think outside the box and explore a less impacting and greener approach to lighting sources now and for future projects.

This is the type of community-minded thinking we like at DPTI and I congratulate the team on its innovative approach.

Three men in hi-vis vests and white helmets stand in front of a light towers which is on a trailer. The light pole extends from the front of the trailer and there are two lights attached at the top. To the left of the pole are solar panels which run on a diagonal from the back of the trailer to to just under half the height of the pole. There is a Brumby's shop in the background, next to trees and the sky is overcast.
Bardavcol and Kennards staff position the first of four zero-emission light towers on Main North Road.

Building skills

It was great to have students from Parafield Gardens High School attend our Northern Connector site office recently to take part in an Interview 2 Impress (‘i2i’) workshop.

The i2i program equips students from high-needs schools with the essential interview skills needed to engage in employment options beyond school. The facilitated sessions build students’ understanding of job interview techniques and processes.

The day allowed students to experience realistic interview scenarios in a corporate environment by working with 10 mentors from DPTI and Lendlease, who were able to provide feedback and advice based on their own job interview experiences.

Major construction partner for the Northern Connector project, Lendlease, is a corporate partner of the Australian Business and Community Network, who collaborated to run the program in early May.

A group of students sitting on chairs facing two staff members, one in a hi-vis jacket. One student is sitting at the front, next to the staff members, suggesting she could be role playing an interview.

CTP change

An important change to compulsory third party insurance will allow clients to choose their insurer from 1 July.

The move from the random allocation of insurer to client choice from four government-approved options requires many back-end changes to ensure its smooth transition.

Thank you to staff who are involved in updating forms and information, as well as helping to communicate this important change to the people of SA.

Watch the video below for more information on the changes.

Friday Flashback

Today’s Friday Flashback shows why we work so hard to build good roads, as people are seen navigating mud and puddles on Henley Beach Road in 1922.

The black and white photo shows people wearing overcoasts and hats walking or standing on a muddy roadway. There are about 50 people in two groups on either side of the road. One group stands in front of a tram and the other around some other vehicles which are indistinct. A horse-drawn carriage is seen moving away from the picture foreground on the left and and old-style motor vehicle is moving towards the foreground on the right of the carriage..
SLSA PRG 280/1/39/476