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DPTI Matters - 1 March 2019

CONNECT - Message from the Chief Executive

A word from the Chief Executive

Handling the heat

SA is in the grip of yet another heatwave and again we thank everyone for doing their part to keep things running smoothly across the transport network and in all other areas of DPTI.

Our work is diverse and often involves heading to remote locations, working outdoors and travelling between sites. In all of these situations we encourage staff to follow health and safety procedures, be protected from the sun, keep themselves well hydrated and to look out for co-workers’ safety.

Where meetings external to your office cannot be avoided, please seek alternate delivery channels, such as Skype or conference calls, rather than travelling between sites.

Thank you everyone for your efforts in this long, trying summer.

Collaborating to save lives

The State Government and the City of Adelaide are working together to improve the safety and access to Adelaide High School and the new proposed City Skate Park.

Collaborating to deliver new and upgraded pedestrian crossings at the West Terrace / Currie Street / Glover Avenue intersection.

The Minister for Transport, Infrastructure and Local Government Stephan Knoll said,

“The safety of these Adelaide High School students and other pedestrians is a priority for the Marshall Liberal Government,”

At present, Adelaide High School students and other people are waiting on a small pedestrian island which does not provide adequate room for peak pedestrian use, making it unsafe for students and other pedestrians crossing the intersection.

The Lord Mayor Sandy Verschoor thanked Minister Knoll for his support and said the provided finances and shared vision will see the Adelaide City Council begin works as quickly as possible.

Some of the proposed works will see the installation of a new pedestrian crosswalk at the northern side of the intersection, and widening the pedestrian crosswalks at the intersection. ​

Build-up to Shave

Five members of our Building Projects team are gearing up for a shave or colour in the World’s Greatest Shave this month.

Building Projects took part in the World’s Greatest Shave back in 2006 and managed to raise almost $20,000, which puts a fair amount of pressure on the new players. The team will be following the successful pattern of the past and inviting external businesses they deal with to get involved, so hopes are high.

It’s great to see our people doing their bit for the community and engaging with our external partners. You can sponsor the team here.

Team members, from left, James Shelton, Jody Sammut, Paul Modra, Emma Gollan and Justin Tulloch.

Aboriginal Engagement and Inclusion

The Aboriginal Engagement and Inclusion Directorate will work across the Department to advance an expanded program that focuses on creating and delivering opportunities in four key results areas: Cultural Safety and Inclusion; Employment and Career Development; Economic Participation; Engagement and Service Delivery.

The new section will take in the already existing Aboriginal Engagement team which will continue to focus on the key result area of Aboriginal employment and career development. The creation of a team focused on the other three key areas is currently progressing.

Mad March

As we enter Adelaide’s Mad March period there will be an increased demand on our public transport staff, with extra bus and train services, changed tram runs and passengers from all over the world on our doorstep.

We will become the face of South Australia to many visitors, so anything we can do to assist them on their journey is important. If you see people needing help, remember the TOFU principle – Take Ownership, Follow Up.

Rapid response

Once again we have the opportunity to celebrate a small job done well that made a real difference to people’s lives.

DPTI’s Traffic Investigations unit manages hundreds of important issues on a weekly basis relating to operational traffic and road safety concerns.

When a call came through this week about a pedestrian crossing that was beeping more loudly than usual and keeping a family awake, the team took ownership of the issue and sent a technician to check it out next morning.

The problem was fixed within 24 hours of the call and some very delighted customers expressed their thanks as they returned to normal sleeping patterns. Well done to Simon Bredereck, Brenton Fuller and Leroy Hirons on doing their part to make things happen.

Simon Bredereck, Brenton Fuller and Leroy Hirons.

Harmony lunch

DPTI is set to get an early start on Harmony Day celebrations this year, with all staff invited to a shared lunch from 12-1pm on 18 March.

The opportunity for staff to come together for this important day has been organised by the Culture and Language Community of Practice, which forms part of DPTI’s Diversity and Inclusion framework.

The lunch, which still falls inside Harmony Week from March 17-23, will include food, music and performances from the diverse cultures across DPTI. All are encouraged to participate and experience what cultural diversity has to offer.

Participants are invited to take a plate that represents their culture, listen to an exciting global playlist, tell their stories, perform or find other ways to join the fun.

Friday Flashback

Just in case you’re not sure what to wear to the beach this weekend, Friday Flashback offers this photo from Glenelg in 1910. For ladies it was all about long frocks, and for gentlemen, suits and hats.

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