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DPTI Matters - 7 June 2019

CONNECT - Message from the Chief Executive

A word from the Chief Executive

Long weekend

With most South Australians gearing up for a long weekend from today I again express my thanks to those who will continue to work to keep important services and infrastructure operating over the coming days.

For those who have the long break, I encourage you to keep road safety top of mind as you head out locally or further afield. Please consider the safety of other road users, observe speed limits and don’t drive while under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Anyone travelling on our outback roads should be mindful that conditions on unsealed roads can change, and always drive to the conditions, be prepared to stop, and keep an eye out for wildlife.

Those heading out on the water should remember to be boat smart and boat safe - wear your lifejacket, check your flare expiry dates, let someone know before you go and check weather reports.

Public transport

Key public transport staff came together this week to begin the critical process of refining how we understand the needs, demands and desires of our customers, which should the starting point for any service industry.

Staff mapped the journey of the public transport customer across bus, train and tram to determine the current steps required to complete a journey and identify pain points and opportunities associated with travel.

I applaud the team on stepping back to take an overarching look at what needs to be done and encourage all areas of our department to take a similar approach.

Staff are standing around a table in a conference room while someone presents, pointing to a sheet of paper with  coloured post-it notes on it.
Staff work their way through the passenger journey.

Spreading the word

May was a busy month for the Planning Reform Program, with the transition team visiting 36 regional councils to share early drafts of the new Planning and Design Code.

The Planning and Design Code forms a fundamental element of the new system that will be in operation by July 2020 and replace all council Development Plans.

Discussions with council staff have been highly valuable and the team will continue visits throughout June.

Find out more about the new planning system here.

Ben Murphy in front of a statue of a soldier, with an old building in the background.

Country & Culture

As part of DPTI’s commitment to encouraging meaningful and honest conversation, a number of videos are being released to mark the period from National Reconciliation Week to NAIDOC Week.

The Country & Culture series is aimed at helping people to have the discussions that are so important to creating a unified future, centred on understanding and respect for each other.

Today we offer the second video, in which two DPTI staff members share from the heart. I urge you to watch the piece below.

Extra mile

Striking a healthy work-life balance is always important and it’s encouraging to see DPTI staff taking up the challenge.

We recently heard about four of our staff members who take this to extremes, all of them completing the recent 42.2km Adelaide Marathon.

Congratulations to Tahnee Sutton, Ben Seidel, Monira Osman and Joseph Royal on conquering such a massive challenge. If you were among those we haven’t heard about but who also competed, we congratulate you, too.

Four people in a horizontal line, each holding their Adelaide Marathon medal in front of them. The city skyline can be seen in the background.
Joseph Royle, Tahnee Sutton, Ben Seidel and Monira Osman with their marathon medals.

Great feedback

Once again I’m happy to report some great feedback from a member of the public, this time about how we share information on the DPTI YouTube channel.

This is an important means of taking the community a little deeper into what we do and showing very clearly how major projects will work and how they are progressing.

In a note to my office, a member of the public wrote how much the channel was enjoyed.

“Everyone's favourite, I'm sure - any updates and plans for road projects. We love seeing those,” the person wrote.

Thanks to all involved in engaging our community in our projects. Your work is very important.

Army salute

On a whole different level, I also recently received a letter from the Director General of Logistics in the Australia Army, thanking the department for its support in processing permits for Defence.

Representatives from our  Heavy Vehicle Access Policy and Reform team, Road and Bridge Asset Unit and the Road Access Unit were also presented with a defence plaque and Rising Sun badges in recognition of their work.

This is just another one of the diverse areas in which we work and it includes liaising with Defence on vehicle access to meet unique needs. It’s encouraging to see the diligent work by our people recognised at such a high level.

Eight people in a horizontal line with a white wall in the background. The person in the centre is holdinbg a plaque which has seven Rising Sun medals on it.

Friday Flashback

Today’s Friday Flashback shows a car enthusiast’s smorgasbord at the intersection of Port Road and South Road in the 1950s, with not even a traffic light in sight.

The intersection of Port Road and South Road in the '50s. There are old style cars moving through the intersection. There are no traffic lights and old shops and buildings are in the background.
SLSA B 72583/28