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DPTI Matters - 28 June 2019

CONNECT - Message from the Chief Executive

A word from the Chief Executive

Crew on deck

Members of our Marine Safety team are in action at the Adelaide Boat Show today and will be continuing to answer questions from the boating community over the weekend at the Adelaide Convention Centre.

Safety information sessions are being held on the stage each day and members of the public have the chance to sit for their boat licence exam onsite.

This is a great opportunity for the public to get the best advice on boating safety from our expert team.

The Marine Safety stand showing a boat on a trailer, a mrine safety banner, a marquee and signage
The Marine Safety stand ahead of the Boat Show opening.

Regional engagement

Planning Reform Program staff have continued to pound the pavement in recent weeks, with the team clocking up 39 regional council visits. They been sharing early drafts of the new Planning and Design Code and having productive conversations with council staff around our new planning system.

The Planning and Design Code forms a fundamental element of the new system that will be in operation by July 2020 and replace all council Development Plans.

Find out more about the new planning system here.

A man leaning on a monument while holding a cup od coffee. The background shows tree tops and rooflines
Tom Victory at Mt Remarkable in Melrose during the Planning Reform Program regional visits.

Plastic Free July

On any project DPTI delivers, the subject of sustainability is carefully considered and we have staff members whose role is to make sure we get that right.

But sustainability is also something we can all think about in our own work space and even at home. From Monday, many people around the world will put that into action by taking part in Plastic Free July, which encourages individuals, families, workplaces and community groups to look for ways they can reduce plastic consumption.

This is something we can take on in our teams by doing simple things such as saying no to single-use plastic items or taking a re-usable coffee cup to the coffee shop.

Head to the Plastic Free July website for more information.

Reconciliation events

The Field Services teams at Murray Bridge and Walkley Heights recently held Reconciliation events focused on this year’s National Reconciliation Week theme of being grounded in truth and walking together in courage.

Indigenous dancers and singers were key parts of the events, which helped participants take valuable steps towards creating a nation strengthened by respectful relationships between the wider Australian community and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

A big thank you to Kayannah Kartinyeri and Jazmyn Bullen for putting these events together, as well as the Deadly Nannas and the Dusty Feet Mob for their performances.

Watch the video below to see why events such as this are so important.

New beginning

Today is the last day of operation for the current Tonsley rail station but it also the beginning of a bold and exciting plan which will have benefits for South Australia for decades to come.

The station closure is part of the Flinders Link project, which will extend the line 650 metres to a new Flinders Station servicing the medical, education and innovation precincts.

Pylon repairs

One of the things you may not be aware of is DPTI’s involvement in the repair of pylons on bridges.

Coleman Rail was commissioned by DPTI to undertake remediation of the concrete piles on the Port River Bridge.

The work involves wrapping the deteriorated piles with a structural jacket and then pumping grout inside the fully wrapped system. This has meant the works have been undertaken with no disruption to train services.

All of those involved should be congratulated.

a diver in a full face mask emerges from the water between two pylons, one of which is wrapped in plastic.
Suited up for remediation work on the Port River Bridge.

Boating survey

We all have detailed knowledge of our own areas, but taking a step back to ensure what we think we know aligns with the evidence is important, especially when it comes to safety.

The Maritime Safety team is running a survey to better understand current boating knowledge, skills and behaviour of recreational South Australian boaters and the results will assist in planning future safety education materials and campaigns.

If you’re a boater, help them out by sharing your boating experience at

A graphic showing people in lifejackets, flares and lifejackets set in diamond shapes with rounded corners and other dark blue and light blue shapes between them in a honeycomb pattern

Friday Flashback

Today’s Friday Flashback visits one of the state’s treasures of yesteryear - the chairlift on Granite Island at Victor Harbor in the mid-70s.

People on a charlift at Granite island. The background shows part of the causeway, the town and distant hills.

SLSA B 53407/53