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DPTI Matters - 1 February 2019

CONNECT - Message from the Chief Executive

A word from the Chief Executive

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Complimentary cruisers

When cruise ships arrive in Adelaide, our public transport area swings into action to make sure passengers have a memorable visit and to help get them to the city centre, providing an important boost to SA’s retail economy.

Their efforts are widely appreciated and among the positive feedback we recently received were two encouraging phone calls of gratitude from visitors to our state.

In one call, a man said the service he received would leave a lasting memory of his great day. Another caller was grateful for the accuracy of information provided and offered “a big pat on the back” to everyone involved.

These may seem like small things but they reflect the standard of service we strive to provide. Well done to all involved.

A piece of artwork which shows a low platform with images of a railway track, a ship, an anchor and a ship's wheel plus a bird and two people.  On top of the platform are three triangular, bronze objects, each balanced on the long poit and each with a steel ball attached and protruding from the triangle's middle point. There is a wall behind it and the words Welcome to South Australia are etched above it.

Travel gets better

Life for those who need to travel for work has just become a little easier, thanks to an innovative and flexible approach to managing travel approvals.

DPTI Customer and Information Services and Performance Support Services have worked together to review, streamline and improve the travel approval process using new technology.

This new process and online workflow provide a better user experience, faster approvals and reduced manual effort, as well as offering a mobile app which can be used on the move.

A graphic showing a mobile phone with the travel app, open to an allowance request form, and behind that, to the right, a computer screen showing a page for flight bookings.

Picture of progress

The latest aerial photos of the Darlington Upgrade Project, which were taken last week, again highlight the magnitude of the work that is being done and the advances we are making.

The photo below shows part of the latest successful work, including the ongoing excavation for the lowered motorway, which is now 80% complete.

For those who like to think in word pictures, the soil that has been excavated to date is enough to fill 232 Olympic sized swimming pools.

A section of South Rd with multi-lane sections to the left and right and a massicve construction site in the middle. The middle section is dug out, with concrete walls either side and dirt in the middle. It has a number of trucks and other earth-moving equipment along it.

Hot performance

The work by our rail team during the record-breaking heatwave last week was outstanding.

On Thursday January 24, which was the hottest day ever recorded in Adelaide, reliability (services completing journey) was approximately 96% for trains and 81% for trams. Although on-time running was impacted, we continued to deliver services for our customers, which was a fantastic achievement in the most testing of conditions.

Thank you to all of those involved in this massive task.

Wildlife rescue

Still on the hot weather, staff at the Murray Bridge Regional Office did their part to help the local wildlife, including rescuing a bird which was suffering in the extreme temperatures last week.

The exhausted parrot hit an office window, and Donna Morris and Sarena Orr swung into action to help it recover, providing their feathered friend with some much-needed water and a safe place to get over the accident.

Staff place bowls of water around the building to help wildlife in the heat, which at one point hit a staggering 50C in the shade at the location.

A woman leans over a blue office chair and holds a plastic container woman as a mostly green parrot with , red and yellow around its face and neck, stands on the edge of the seat and drinks from the container.

Friday Flashback

Today’s Friday Flashback shows Adelaide Arcade in 1963, with some very ’60s-looking cars in the foreground. Adelaide Arcade was built in 1885.

The front of the Adelaide Arcade is the focus of the picture. There are four '60s style cars on the road in front - two sedans, a ute and a station wagon.