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DPTI Matters - 8 November 2019

CONNECT - Message from the Chief Executive

A word from the Chief Executive

If you have any comments, suggestions, questions or concerns, please email them to

Essential opportunity

Congratulations to the 37 DPTI employees who recently started the Manager Essentials Program, delivered by the Office of the Commissioner for Public Sector Employment.

The six-month program brings together participants from across state government, with the first intake focusing on three areas; manage self, manage the team and manage the business.

Our participants come from all seven divisions across DPTI and were nominated by their local managers and endorsed by DPTI’s Executive Directors. Additional intakes are planned for 2020.

To find out more about the program you can visit the OCPSE website or contact Organisation Performance and Development on 7109 7685 or 8343 216.

A group of business people in four hosizontal rows. They appear relaxed and informal. people in the front row are kneeling, the second row are sitting and the back two rows are standing.Participants at the Manager Essentials Program.

Happy Pageant

Adelaide will transform into a bustling hive of celebration tomorrow as the National Pharmacies Christmas Pageant makes its way through city streets and once again our teams will be busy transporting the public to and from the event on trains, trams and buses.

Other teams have already been involved in organising partial closures of the tram route and road closures.

Thank you to all of those involved for your contribution to a happy day for many South Australians.

Darlington milestone

A partial section of the lowered motorway under the new Tonsley Boulevard bridge was safely opened to traffic last weekend, allowing motorists travelling northbound from Main South Road and the Southern Expressway to travel non-stop through the entire project corridor via the lowered motorway to South Road north of Tonsley Boulevard.

Several additional traffic switches are scheduled for early 2020, enabling the lowered motorway to accommodate both northbound and southbound traffic within this section. It’s great to see the benefits to travellers growing with each traffic switch.

Cars move along a lowered motorway with a bridge running over part of it. There are concrete walls either side of the cars.
Cars move along the lowered motorway.

RAW recognition

Northern Connector Program Lead George Panagopoulos has been acknowledged at RAW’s second Annual Gala Fundraiser, Goal 100 Program (100 jobs for 100 Aboriginal Youth) with an Industry Leadership Award for Excellence in Heritage Mitigation.

Lendlease’s Northern Connector General Superintendent, Ross Ecclestone, was awarded the Industry Leadership Award, Aboriginal Economic Participation.

The RAW Goal 100 Gala Night brought together industry leaders, including Tier 1 Builders, DPTI, councils and the SA Aboriginal Community, to raise funds to ramp up employment opportunities for Aboriginal South Australians. The night acknowledged individuals and organisations for their outstanding contribution to Aboriginal employment and for their collaboration with the Kaurna and broader Aboriginal communities.

The Northern Connector Project is currently achieving around 11% Aboriginal workforce participation, with $10 million spent with Aboriginal owned businesses so far.

Two men standing sided by side, each holding an award. There is a screen with logos on it behind them.
RAW Senior Heritage Advisor Justin Peisley with George Panagopoulos at the gala fundraiser.

Fine example

A shout-out today for the Property team, who are setting a fine example in working with the community and taking a “Yes If” approach to helping to resolve issues.

Here’s an extract from a letter I received.

“We continue to enjoy a close and cooperative relationship with your Department, which administers the lease by the Commissioner of Highways of our premises. In particular most recently, we have appreciated the assistance of Mohammed Elgazzar, Peter Kapiris of DPTl's Property Portfolio and Strategy Section; and Carlene Russell and Angela Noonan of the Property Directorate. We have very much appreciated their help with our issues over the past months.”

My thanks goes to this team and others who are applying the TOFU Principle (Take Ownership, Follow Up) with a “Yes If” mindset.

Marching with PRIDE

DPTI employees were among a number of government employees marching under the “South Australian Government promotes social inclusion” banner at the 2019 PRIDE March last weekend.

Well done to those who got involved to show their support for a diverse and inclusive society.

A group of people behind a sign which reads "South Australia Government promotes social inclusion" with a Government of South Australia logo below the words.
SA Government employees, family and friends at the 2019 PRIDE March.

Tracking well

Many of our teams need to be ready to respond to emergency situations quickly and effectively, so it was good to have our Rollingstock engineering team involved in a refresher re-railing course recently, with input from the Metropolitan Fire Service and our maintenance provider.

One of the core exercises was getting a train back on track in the unlikely event of a derailment, a task that requires a great deal of teamwork, skill and some heavy-duty equipment. Great work by the team involved.

Friday Flashback

With the 2019 National Pharmacies Christmas Pageant set to roll into town tomorrow, today’s Friday Flashback shows the Pageant way back in 1948.

Crowds line a city street as a float passes by. The float has Father Christmas in a sleigh, pulled by model reindeer. The sleuigh and reindeer are on top of a replica of houses covered in snow.
History Trust of South Australia