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DPTI Matters - 25 October 2019

CONNECT - Message from the Chief Executive

A word from the Chief Executive

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Flying high

Our public transport teams delivered great customer service as they moved passengers to and from the Edinburgh Air Show 2019 last weekend.

Huge numbers of visitors travelled by bus and train, with rail planners, special events coordinators, drivers, passenger service assistants and others all playing their part in producing a very successful outcome.

Extra train and bus service were provided for the air show, resulting in 7000 passenger movements on the trains on Saturday and another 9600 on Sunday.

The buses had 77,800 passenger movements on Saturday and 80,000 on Sunday, which is around two weeks’ worth of trips in the Outer North Bus Contract Area, delivered in just two days.

This is an outstanding effort by everyone involved and my thanks goes to them all.

A large crowd of people in a long line stretching along a train station platform. They are heading down a ramp to leave the station.
Passengers at the Elizabeth South railway station during the Edinburgh Air Show 2019.

Risk & Compliance course

The Across Government Facilities Management Arrangements unit has facilitated the first of 10 two-day courses on Risk & Compliance Management this week.

The course, which is a requirement of the Enforceable Undertaking, is being delivered by Deloitte, and presented to State Government agency staff.  Its focus is on safety arrangements, including roles and responsibilities of multiple parties under the AGFMA.

The first 28 participants at this week’s course were representing 11 government agencies.

Along with further Adelaide-based sessions, sessions will also be delivered in Berri, Mount Gambier and Port Augusta. The last of the 10 sessions will be held in March next year.

People at a training session. They are sitting around white tables and there is a PowerPoint presentation visible on a screen at the front of the room.
Staff in one of the course sessions.

Red Cross recognition

Working with other agencies for the good of the community is something DPTI prides itself on, so it was an honour to receive a special vote of thanks for our efforts to promote the great work of the Australian Red Cross Blood Service.

A Bloody Legend Award was presented to Service SA in recognition of its ongoing support of blood donation campaigns via the Active Waiting Screens across our Customer Service Centres.

Diwali celebration

Our Safety Strategy team took some time out to celebrate the Diwali Festival at a morning tea recently.

The name Diwali is derived from the Sanskrit term Dipavali, meaning “row of lights,” which are lit on the new-moon night to invite the presence of Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth.

Diwali is a Hindu festival which is celebrated every autumn in the northern hemisphere (or spring in southern hemisphere). It is one of the main events on the Indian social calendar.

A group of seven men and women standing around a white, round table which has biscuits and other snacks on it.

Old-style service

A commitment to offering great customer service to people being assessed for fitness to hold a driver’s licence has seen some of our Practical Driving Assessments booking team ride along on tests so they can better understand client needs.

But when Accreditation Officer Kathy Bower took to the road with Assessment Officer Elijah Ware on a recent run, they were treated to a special vintage surprise by an elderly man, who turned up in a beautifully maintained 1953 Austin truck.

With the crew of three sharing the small cabin, the truck headed down Marion Road, drawing plenty of attention from other drivers. And on an already hot day, Elijah was feeling the heat radiating from the engine, directly in  front of his legs.

The driver passed the assessment with flying colours before taking a photo of the pair who shared his journey.

An old, green Austin truck with a man holding a clipboard standing on the left and a woman holding a water bottle standing on the right.
Elijah Ware and Kathy Bower with the 1953 Austin truck.

Winning ways

Our own DPTI Brownfields, a Corporate Cup team from the Building Projects division of Across Government Services, have continued their winning run this year, now claiming an award in each Cup since 2016.

This time they hit the top award – the 2019 Most Improved Team. Congratulations to captain Eddie Yick and team members Adrian Swiatnik, Jeremy Chu, Justin Tulloch, Tim Mather and Travis Stewart.

Five men in  business clothes, standing in a horizontal line in front of a glass case with a large silver cup in it. Each of them is holding a trophy or a shield.
DPTI Brownfields Team members with a collection of awards.

Friday Flashback

Today’s Friday Flashback shows Grenfell Street before 1869.

A wide dirt street with old buildings either side, There are horses and a cart in front of one of the buildings and what appears to be hitching posts in front of others,
SLSA B 47794/19