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DPTI Matters - 20 September 2019

CONNECT - Message from the Chief Executive

A word from the Chief Executive

If you have any comments, suggestions, questions or concerns, please email them to

Crowd pleaser

The turnaround time on the Bridge Road/Maxwell Road junction upgrade in Para Hills has been very impressive and it’s great to see members of the public recognising the great work that was done.

Traffic lights have been installed where Bridge Road meets Maxwell Road, and the right turn lanes on both of these roads have also been duplicated and extended.

A recent Facebook post on the opening to traffic attracted a raft of positive comments, which can be hard to get in the social media world.

Comments congratulated the team on the speed of completion and there was even an animated Sponge Bob saying “Hip Hip Hooray”, in the mix.

The intersection of Maxwell Road and Brisge Road. The traffic lights are operational and cars are moving along the road.
Traffic at the upgraded intersection.

Shadow a Leader

The Department’s Shadow a Leader Program kicked off with a morning tea hosted by Youth Connect yesterday.

The program aims to connect young professionals with leaders to help them gain an insight into what a 'day in the life’ of a senior leader entails, to see a bigger picture and understand more about the department's functions. It is a great opportunity for networking, gaining experience and career development.

An outstanding increase in participation in this year’s program meant that more than 80 people attended the morning tea, as leaders, “shadowees” and their line managers gathered to hear about the program, meet each other and understand how to make the most of the opportunity.

The program will be running until the end of the year to allow flexibility between leader and shadowee availability.

A large group of people sitting on chairs listening to a person speaking from a lectern. There are two audio-visual screens at the front of the room.
Staff at the Shadow a Leader launch.

Footy win

As part of DPTI’s involvement in taking over some former Motor Accident Commission projects, the department was offered free tickets to the SANFL Grand Final between Port Adelaide and Glenelg this weekend.

The decision was made to have these tickets donated to charity, with the Kick Start for Kids program the big winners.

All footy goers are also being offered a certain win this weekend, with free travel on public transport for the game.

Thinking big

The recently launched Think! Road Safety message will be in the spotlight at the SANFL Grand Final, with DPTI creating and delivering an electronic message that will flash across the ground during the day.

This is a very important initiative and we are fortunate to have this great exposure at a premier sporting event. Keep an eye out for the message at the game and in the future at other key sports venues.

A very wide and shallow graphic with the words THINK! ROAD SAFETY in the centre. Think is yellow in colour and the others are white. They are all on a black background. To the left and right is a gold coloured image that looks like a running arc from and electrical current, or like horizontal lightning.

Safer crossings

Activated railway crossings at Warradale Railway Station, Seventh Avenue and Hove Railway Station will be commissioned over this weekend, with the expectation they will become fully operational on Monday.

The crossings were opened as passive crossings in June and work has continued to bring them to this higher level of safety, with automated gates and warnings.

These works are part of the State Government’s Railway Crossing Safety Improvement Program, which includes crossings throughout Adelaide.

A view of a railway crossing from the perspective of someone travelling down the srarion platform ramp. There gates and electronic warning signs.
The Hove Station crossing.

Flinders Link

Work on the Flinders Link Project is well underway as the plan to extend the existing Tonsley rail line 650 metres to the Flinders Medical Centre comes to life.

The photo below shows the reinforcing cage being placed for what will become one of the headstock of the elevated single track, which is the engineering name for the part of the structure which transfers the loads to the piers. This is a key piece of infrastructure for the track over Sturt Road, Laffers Triangle and Main South Road.

The project includes construction of a new Flinders Station as well as an integrated shared pedestrian/cycle path adjacent to the rail line from the new ramp located at the corner of Sturt Road and Birch Crescent to the new Flinders Station.

A crane lowering a large steel structure, shaped like the top of an older-style wide champagne glass. The structure is made og steel rods and is being lowered onto a series of long upright rods protruding upwards from a concrete base.

Governor’s Multicultural Awards

Nominations for the 2019 Governor’s Multicultural Awards are now open and the rich pool of talented people here at DPTI may well harbour some potential nominees.

The awards recognise and celebrate individuals and organisations that have made an outstanding contribution to multiculturalism in South Australia across a range of sectors, and provide an opportunity for their stories to be celebrated and acknowledged at the highest level.

More information is available here.

A promotional graphic with the words "Governor's Multicultural Awards 2019 Nominate Now!" To the right of this a photo of 13 people in a line, some in business attire and some in national dress.

Friday Flashback

This week’s Friday Flashback shows a long truck heading up King William Street with materials for the construction of the Adelaide City Bridge in 1931.

A very early truck with a trailer spanning the length of two large buildings. Five sets of wheels on the trailer appear to spaced about every 7 to 8 metres.
SLSA B 75163/29