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DPTI Matters - 18 October 2019

CONNECT - Message from the Chief Executive

A word from the Chief Executive

If you have any comments, suggestions, questions or concerns, please email them to

Youth winners

Some of DPTI’s outstanding young achievers were recognised at the Youth Excellence Awards this week.

The winners were Scott Wagenfeller (Emerging Leader), Jasmine Sheridan  (Excellence), Nicklas Abel (Innovation), Minjie Lee (Customer Service), Tyrone Hughes (Safety) and Maria Zafar (Culture). Congratulations to all on a great achievement.

The Youth Excellence Awards 2019 were extremely successful, with some very high-quality nominations, showcasing our next generation of leaders.

Thank you to those who nominated and congratulation to all nominees.

A group of young men and women standing in a horizontal line, each holding a framed certificate. The background has a poerpoint screen on the left, then a section of red brick wallnext to a window and a part of a Youth Connect pull-up banner on the right.
Elizabeth Musson (proxy for Jasmine Sheridan), Scott Wagenfeller, Nicklas Abel, Maria Zafar and Minjie Lee.

Whyalla school

The new $100 million Whyalla school project, which is being managed through the Across Government Services division, has reached an exciting milestone with the recent release of concept images and a project fly-through, and the release of Request for Tender documents to the shortlisted construction field.

The construction tender will be awarded early in 2020, with construction works to then immediately commence, enabling completion of the new school in late 2021, ready for the 2022 school year.

The new school will replace Whyalla’s three existing high school campuses and will accommodate 1500 students in years 7 to 12. You can see what the school is planned to look like in the video below.

Signage award

DPTI’s Acknowledgement of Aboriginal Country Signage Project has received the 2019 Australian Institute of Landscape Architects National Landscape Architecture Award of Excellence for Community Contribution.

Designed by Paul Herzich from the Office for Design and Architecture along with various Elders, the project is a national first and a simple yet powerful gesture to acknowledge Indigenous cultures within Australia.

Located at road stops along major regional roads, the installations provide an important educational opportunity to identify the existence and diversity of Aboriginal Nations across South Australia.

There are two men standing in front of a black curtain. The man on the left is holding a framed certificate and the man on the right is presenting a glass trophy to him.
Paul Herzich receives the award.

Tom on target

DPTI graphic designer Tom Kowalski has confirmed his reputation as a straight shooter by bringing home three medals from archery events in the recent Australian Masters Games, held in Adelaide.

The long-time archer took silver in the World Archery 180m Clout event, bronze in the 3D Field and bronze in the International Field Archery Association event. Congratulations to Tom on his achievement against competitors from across the nation.

A man is standing, with two bronze medals and a silver medal draped over his left hand, with his right hand holding the medal ribbons. He is smiling and the background is blurred but you can make out a long, high, white couch with a long mirror above it..Tom Kowalski with his medals.

PRIDE march

DPTI is joining with other South Australian Government departments to support the 2019 PRIDE March, which celebrates Adelaide’s LGBTIQ+ community.

Staff, their family and friends are all invited to take part in the march on November 2, under the SA Government banner, to make a stand for inclusion and equality.

Some DPTI staff have already thrown their support behind the march and share their thoughts on why that’s important in the video below.

Lifejacket winners

A survey organised by our Marine Safety team to gauge South Australian recreational boaters’ level of boating knowledge, skills and behaviour is continuing to attract attention, with almost 600 responses collected so far.

Part of the survey includes the offer of prizes such as lifejackets for participants, via random draws.

Trevor and Chris McEvoy, of Henley Beach, are the latest prize recipients, receiving their new lifejacket from DPTI’s Phil Moffatt last week. The family fishes from a six metre half cabin boat, as well as a small punt.

The Boating Safety Survey is a clever initiative that will help the department to better target its safety efforts.

There are three men in the phot, all smiling. The man on the left is wearing a jumper with a government logo, the man in the centre is in an electric wheelchair and the man on the right is holding a lifejacket.

Friday Flashback

This week’s Friday Flashback shows Windy Point lookout, in the late 1930s. The Camera Obscura on the right used reflectors and lenses to project a 230° view onto a table in a dark room, with the rotating reflector enabling the full view to be seen.

Men in shirts and trousers and women in dresses are at the fence of the Windy Point lookout. To the right of the image is a small, six-sided hut-style building with timber cladding and some technical euqipment on its roof. It has an open wooden door which has a sign above it reading "camera obscura" - donation silver coin".
History Trust of South Australia