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DPTI Matters - 30 August 2019

CONNECT - Message from the Chief Executive

A word from the Chief Executive

If you have any comments, suggestions, questions or concerns, please email them to

Think! Road Safety

It was great to launch a new campaign promoting road safety this week.

The Think! Road Safety  message is a simple yet direct reminder to consider our behaviours on the roads and importantly about the potential consequences. This is a simple act that could make all the difference.

The message was unveiled to the media at a special event which included Minister for Police, Correctional Services and Emergency Services Corey Wingard, DPTI, SA Police and members of the Adelaide Lightning National Basketball League team, who will help promote the important message through our road safety partnership.

A graphic with the word THINK! in black capital lettering on a rectangular yellow background with a thick black border, followed by the words ROAD SAFETY in black capital lettering.

Cup collection

With more than 1 billion take-away coffee cups ending up in Australian landfills each year, it’s good to know that DPTI staff are being given  the opportunity to engage in a recycling program in two of our buildings.

Simply Cups has been operating at 50 Flinders Street since May 2018, and is successfully diverting around 250 cups from landfill every business day, and the same program will soon be introduced to 77 Grenfell Street, with the first collection tubes due to arrive in September.

Any disposable takeaway coffee cup can be placed in the Simply Cups collection tubes. They just need to be emptied and the lids removed (lids can be placed in the co-mingled recycling bin).

Of course the best option is to avoid takeaway coffee cups altogether. But for those occasions when you forget to take your reusable cup to the cafe, the Simply Cups program provides a sustainable solution that diverts single-use cups from landfill.

A man and a woman in a kitchen. They are next to a green vertical tube and the male is placing a cup in the tube.
Matthew Noonan and Maria Zafar at  one of the Flinders Street collection tubes.

Wear it Purple

Many staff across DPTI are joining in Wear It Purple Day today, as part of a worldwide movement to foster supportive, safe, empowering and inclusive environments for Rainbow young people.

DPTI is committed to inclusion and diversity across the workforce and all staff are encouraged to support events such as this that help bring a greater understanding of important issues.

Find out more about Wear It Purple here.

Royal Show

With the Royal Adelaide Show starting today, DPTI is again providing extra services to help South Australians make their way to and from the Show with a minimum of fuss.

Special Royal Show bus and train services are operating to dedicated Showground stations and more than 30 regular Adelaide Metro stops and services within walking distance of the Showground.

Once again we’ve added a special touch of fun for the kids at the Show train station, with ticket validators using animal noises to help get them in the mood for their big day out

Darlington progress

Ahead of another major milestone for the Darlington Upgrade Project, we’ve had a drone up taking shots of the outstanding progress on this site over recent months.

The photos show the impressive achievements and level of work being undertaken across the site on this critical piece of infrastructure.

The next major milestone will be  the opening of  Ayliffes Road bridge to traffic, which will form part of another key traffic switch.

An aerial view of a bridge over multiple lanes of traffic. The bridge is not open.
An aerial view of part of the Darlington project.

Friday Flashback

Our Friday Flashback shows three teams competing in the wheelbarrow race at the Royal Adelaide Show in 1938. Each team includes a man, a woman and a horse, as well as the wheelbarrow.

A wheelbarrow race at the Royal Adelaide Show. There are three men running forward pushing wheelbarrows with a woman in each. Each man has a horse with a leash on his right.
SLSA B 7798/492