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A Thursday Note - 25 January 2018

CONNECT - Message from the Chief Executive

Dear all,

We are set for a scorching few days across the state. Take care, drink water and look after those more vulnerable.


With a long weekend and hot weather, many will be heading to our waters.  Know your obligations and the new lifejacket laws that came into effect last month.

If you are on the road, plan your trip, be patient and ensure you factor in rest breaks for any long trips.

As of midnight Wednesday, January 24, there have been five fatalities on our state roads this year.


When you leave the office tonight, spare a thought for our staff keeping the state safe and moving over the long weekend, from standard operations and compliance to connecting our communities to any number of events, including the One Day International cricket at Adelaide Oval.

Thanks to all staff who assist Frontline Services with handing out water at Adelaide Railway Station on extreme heat days.  You are a welcome sight for many of our customers.


After 43 years working with DPTI as an electrician, Jeff Clarke is an expert when it comes to generator repairs. Now he is hanging up the tools with Facilities Services.  

Thank you for your dedication to DPTI and the State Government.


Australia Day gathering circa 1918

SLSA B-25656

Have a good weekend,
Michael Deegan