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A Friday Note - 27 July 2018

CONNECT - Message from the Chief Executive

Dear all,

As people across Australia prepare to take part in White Ribbon Night this weekend, we are proud of the fact that many of our staff will be involved and that we are a White Ribbon accredited organisation.

This means we are officially recognised as a workplace that is taking active steps to prevent and respond to violence against women, a commitment we take extremely seriously.

We encourage all staff to take part in White Ribbon events and to exercise the guiding principles behind it in their day-to-day lives, both at work and at home.

New graduates

It was a pleasure to welcome our eight new graduates to the departments at their recent graduate induction.

They’ve dubbed themselves the “8 Quackers” and if you’d like to know more about their name please speak to Bojeen Brifkani, Minjie Lee, Hayley Bishop, Stevie Connor, Alvin Liang, Ian Rayo, Maria Zafar, or Alan Lei.

We wish our graduates well and look forward to the valuable contributions they will bring. Please make them feel welcome.

The new graduates with senior DPTI staff

World leader

Congratulations to Manager Business and Location Intelligence Greg Van Gaans, who presented at the Environmental Systems Research Institute User Conference in San Diego this month.

Greg was among a select number of  world-leading Geospatial Information Systems professionals asked to present at the conference, and his presentation covered the work undertaken by DPTI to transition GIS and Location SA Services into the Amazon Web Services cloud.

This project has been highly successful and has placed us at the cutting edge of technology in this space. Well done to Greg and all involved in this world-leading project.

Successful switch

The Darlington Upgrade Project successfully opened the first major bridge, which takes Main South Road traffic over the Southern Expressway.

The major traffic switch associated with this has gone smoothly, a testament to the energy and drive of project manager Dariusz Fanok.

Extra mile

Our Enterprise Information department has formed a team to take part in Walk a Mile in My Boots, which raises funds to help people facing homelessness.

The event involves walking about a mile early on Friday 10 August, with a brisk 7.30am start. The route is from the Victoria Park Racecourse down Hutt St to the South parklands, where participants will be rewarded with a hot breakfast.

For details about the walk or to get involved, visit the Walk a Mile in My Boots website.

Flashback Friday

With the sudden burst of sunny weather yesterday, we were reminded it’s always a good idea to have your swimwear ready, as did this boating gentleman back in the 1930s.

The photo was taken at Two Wells, which is a good distance from the sea. In case you’re interested, the car is a Terraplane.

Enjoy your weekend,

Julienne TePohe
Acting Chief Executive