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A Friday Note - 19 January 2018

CONNECT - Message from the Chief Executive

Dear all,

Some really hot days late this week. Remember to take care during periods of extreme heat…keep to shaded areas if outdoors, drink plenty of water and give consideration to vulnerable passengers including the elderly. For all our workers, remember safety first, keep well hydrated and look out for your colleagues.


As of midnight on Thursday, January 18, there had been five fatalities on South Australian roads so far this year.

Departmental Structure

Late last year I met with each of our senior executives to understand their ideas and thoughts at the end of 2017. Incorporating this feedback, and with the retirement of Paul Gelston, the executive has made some changes to how the department is structured to ensure we provide the best customer service. Your feedback is always welcomed.

The recruiting process is underway to choose a new Chief Operating Officer.

We now have two new directorates: Road Safety (GM Gabby O’Neill), part of the Safety and Service Division, focussing on reducing the road toll from 2017’s high.

Mobility Policy and Strategy – managed by Phil Lawes, part of the Development Division.


Scott Cooper’s team has moved under Capital Initiatives.

To better align our state and federal pipeline work and integrate commercial nous – the PMO and Don Hogben’s Intergovernmental Relations role will now work with Jeremy Conway.

Ilia Houridis will undertake work to improve our strategic relationship at a department level, such as with SAPN and SA Water.

GM Jon Whelan and Infrastructure Delivery will report directly to me when he returns from leave. Julienne TePohe and Andrew McKeegan are taking turns to act in his role.

Sam Rodrigues, as part of her Media and Comms role, will add Chief Customer Officer title.

Megan Huxtable is moving to work with Wayne Buckerfield in Capital Initiatives and I welcome Nadine Wessel to my office. My deep thanks to Megan for her amazing work and her calm and thoughtful approach.

Major Projects

Monday was a big day for the department with the successful return of trains to the Outer Harbor and Grange lines, and opening of the new lowered station at Bowden, after works on the Torrens Rail Junction Project, as well as the reopening of the North Terrace-King William Street intersection after a fortnight of works for the City Tram Extension Project.

Well done to all the men and women who worked around the clock on these projects to deliver them with a minimum of disruption to the community. The results already are brilliant.

Bowden Station Bowden Station

North Terrace-King William Street intersection North Terrace-King William Street intersection

Customer Service

Our frontline staff shone as they helped customers through the changes needed in public transport to deliver these projects. This feedback is from one our customers who used substitute buses while the Outer Harbor line was temporarily closed:

“Whilst this added about 20 minutes each way for me I realise it was necessary. It was made pretty transparent by the amazing customer service staff at North Tce and Glanville. In particular North Tce - John’s jovial and organised informative approach took away the uncertainty around the trip home. I thanked him today but also believe he should be recognised for the temporary role he has played. This was a tough job in all sorts of weather.”

Corporate Governance

A new corporate governance model has been introduced across the department. The new model will feature enhance reporting tools and improved communication lines between departmental governance committees. Benefits of the new governance model include improved departmental visibility, transparency of processes and streamlining of decision making.

Flashback Friday

Today’s Flashback Friday photo is of Henley Beach in around 1910

SLSA B/69372

Have a good weekend,
Michael Deegan