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A Friday Note - 13 April 2018

CONNECT - Message from the Chief Executive

Dear all,

The 100 Day Working Group has been providing the Government with options to deliver commitments for its first 100 days as outlined here.

Numerous briefs and cabinet papers have been prepared, and work towards drafting necessary legislation has commenced. The group is conscious that there is a much broader set of election commitments that need to be delivered but has focussed on delivering those items specifically mentioned in the 100 Day plan such as
-Introducing legislation to establish Infrastructure SA
-Introducing legislation to cap Local Government Rates
-Rezone the Repat to ensure that the site is utilised as a health care services precinct
-Establish a Regional Roads and Infrastructure Fund
-Conduct an audit of Speed Cameras
-Initiate a business case for Globelink
-Pursue Federal Government funding for major infrastructure projects such as the completion of the North South Corridor and the Port Wakefield Overpass

Train timetables

From April 22, our Department will be implementing new timetables for Adelaide Metro train services.

These have been brought in to provide greater frequency and reliability for our customers, especially on weekends and later at night when the Seaford, Gawler, Outer Harbor and Belair lines have services scheduled at least every 30 minutes.

It is a constant balancing act to cater for all customers, but these timetable changes provide a better service for more customers, making the best use of our train fleet within the constraints of our system.

Body worn cameras

The Regulation Directorate is currently trialling the use of body worn cameras for its Compliance Officers, Investigators, Driver Standards Officers and Marine Safety Officers.

The body worn cameras aim to contribute to a safer working environment, generate efficiencies in the collection, storage and retention of evidence, and potentially lead to early resolution of complaints.  

The cameras will be used by Officers in their daily activities while monitoring compliance and standards with legislation administered by the Department.  

The body worn cameras will be highly visible on the body, have a label to identify the camera and will be illuminated when recording.

Flashback Friday

Today’s Flashback Friday photo is of the Torrens Weir, shortly after its opening in 1881.

Enjoy your weekend,

Julienne TePohe
Acting Chief Executive