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A Friday Note - 12 January 2018

CONNECT - Message from the Chief Executive

Dear all

Welcome to 2018 and a happy new year.

To all those who have worked hard over the Christmas break, thank you – it can be easily said, but is deeply meant.

Watching our staff over the Christmas period in hot weather with huge crowds in the city, significant and complex projects, keeping people safe and getting them to and from their venue of choice has been impressive - on the roads, the railways and the water.

The Adelaide Festival Centre opened on time.

We aim to deliver the major tram intersection in the middle of the city after just two weeks of site work. And the Outer Harbor and Grange lines will resume full service Monday.

The feedback from O-Bahn customers of the new improved and more reliable services because of the tunnel has been fantastic. I expect patronage to grow – a good problem to have.

These projects are not just the work of one part of the department.

Infrastructure delivery could not do this without corporate – communications, IT, finance, Ministerial correspondence - and our planning areas working together collaboratively, and with our private sector contractors as well as our road and rail, maritime and public transport people.

A complex set of many interactions with incredibly tight deadlines met with humour and good grace and - plenty of frustrations.  Well done to every one of you.

One Council CEO who needed some last minute support for the Tour Down Under said that he couldn’t imagine the workload and pressure we are under these days.  He added that he appreciated our support.  Nice note.


As of midnight on Thursday, 11 January there had been two fatalities so far this year on South Australian roads.


There is so much work behind the scenes to make sure our projects are delivered, and importantly make sure our customers are front of mind. Just one example is the excellent work done by the Communications and Electronic Services team in ensuring Passenger Information systems are functional for Monday’s re-opening of the Outer Harbor and Grange train lines.

Showing great planning and collaboration, the team successfully anticipated and mitigated against potential issues and completed the work against tough deadlines.


In December, a group of DPTI staff took part in a field trip demonstrating our department’s commitment to the International Day of People with a Disability.

Using a manual wheelchair and with glasses which simulated various vision impairments, the group travelled through Adelaide’s public transport network, accompanied by mobility guides from Guide Dogs SA/NT and the Royal Society for the Blind (RSB).

The session was extremely useful to understand the issues faced by customers who have physical or sensory disabilities when using public transport and associated infrastructure.

Front row: Jason Oborn, Jeremy Peck (RSB)
Back row: Joanne Knolder, Tyla Clayson, Ben Lock, Neil Welsh, Shannon Fuller, Anthony Crotty, Peter Skjott (Guide Dogs SA/NT), Tony Starkey (RSB), Karan Coombe-Smith and Mark Pronk


Today’s Flashback Friday photo is of parts of a heavy locomotive being discharged and handled at Outer Harbor.

PRG 280/1/8/94/8/94

Have a good weekend,
Michael Deegan