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The Department is a values-driven organisation – our shared values guide the way we work together and our attitudes to work. We have five values that were developed by our people:

Collaboration – we work collaboratively as one team to serve our community. This means our diversified teams work together to achieve shared goals.

Honesty – we are honest, open and act with integrity. This means we are truthful, sincere and transparent in our decision making and act at all times in such a way as to uphold the trust of the people we work with.

Excellence – we are committed to excellence in everything we do. This means we use our energy, skills and resources to make whatever we are doing the best.

Enjoyment – we enjoy our work and recognise our success. This means we have fun at work, celebrate our achievements and foster an environment where our people can thrive.

Respect – we respect, understand and value ourselves and every person in our business. This means we listen, embrace diversity in others, and have a consistent application in our approach to one another.

These values help us to focus on how we conduct our business, rather than simply on the result. They provide a framework for decisions and actions that ultimately affect the quality of service we deliver to the South Australian community.